Incredible story of the conquest of Cryptospace


In November of 2017, when the idea of ​​conquering the news of cryptospatism was born, there were only 3 astronauts on board our spaceship.

The legend does not tell us if our commander has understood the expression of another famous captain, "As you will name the boat, it will float"or we just wanted to scare us all the other participants in the cryptic world, but he called him "The shark of the coin".

Although our team has no idea how cryptospace ships are actually assembled, we decided to take new horizons at any price and we started preparing for the launch. This is the feeling when people ask you: "Are you ready?", And you understand that you are not, but press "Start" again, because when you fly up, there should be no fear.

3,2,1 – Start!

First time we found ourselves in the universe of cryptocurrencies, we were without gravity. Not understanding how and where we should fly, we looked around the nearby ships until we found our flying style. Thanks to the imagination and the talent of our graphic pilot, the shark has become the most enviable bride of cryptospatism: bright, original and visually "tasty".

So we learned first what Bitcoin was and we rejoiced at his first record of $ 20k. We knew the notion of "blockchain" and "mining", we no longer feared the word "volatility" and we were happy to talk about it with our space readers.

Later we realized that to increase speed, we need to expand our team. We started to focus on English users and we also added the Chinese version of The Coin Shark. From that moment on, our editors have added high quality fuel to our system. They added speed and multi-language to our portal.

Furthermore, we have recruited many wonderful people who work every day to ensure that the shark conquers the crypt space in the most professional way possible. We are not simply fluctuating, but gaining momentum, giving a life to our spaceship and setting new goals.

Our team improves the content and focuses on reliable sources from different parts of the world to be the first to tell the most recent and interesting information, wrapping it in a mixture of unique space characters and comics.

We celebrate our new victories: our publications are gaining their points of view, we are invited to the major world conferences dedicated to cryptocurrency and ICOs, John McAfee is Forbes CryptoMarkets read our news, we are more and more distinguished among thousands of other media about cryptocurrency.

Thank you for sharing our journey in the encrypted space. In the end, but for you, dear readers, The Coin Shark simply would not exist.

Since the launch, The Coin Shark has worked every day until today. And above all, we still have a full tank 🙂

Welcome to our cryptospace!

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