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In Malaga, they started drilling the tunnel to try to reach Julen

JSix days have passed since Julen, two and a half years old, has fallen into a hole overlooking Totalán, Malaga.

The Spanish authorities had the support of specialized companies to carry out the complex rescue operation.

The well where Julen fell has an entrance of 25 centimeters in diameter and a depth of over one hundred meters. It is believed that Julen is in an airbag 73 meters underground.

The last two days have been marked by the plans and the start of work for a parallel tunnel that allows you to reach the area. According to Diario Sur, at the beginning of this afternoon the operation on the ground started to drill the vertical tunnel that could lead to the child.

The complex work involves all the caution given the instability of the land. The tunnel must be aligned to allow safe descent. As El Mundo writes, according to the calculations of the engineers and construction workers affected by the rescue, it should not take less than 35 hours to reach the hole where the boy is.

Although there are no signs of Julen's life, the authorities have worked day and night with the hope that a "miracle" will allow the child to still be alive.

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