In August, $ 2.1 billion was spent on beauty baskets in Colombia


Makeup, cosmetics (Pixabay photo)
Makeup, cosmetics (Pixabay photo)

The mass consumer division of the consulting firm Kantar carried out an analysis, between January and August 2020, in which a detailed assessment of consumption in Colombia relating to the beauty basket categories is carried out.

The analysis showed that among the most important categories for Colombian consumers in this sector are products such as shampoos, perfumes, deodorants, body creams and wet towels.

Within the measurement disclosure is that Colombian families spent a total of $ 2.1 billion on beauty basketball. Also, $ 10 out of every $ 100 is spent on the beauty basket categories.

For his part, Kantar announced that beauty basketball was one of the most affected during the contingency; However, in the last quarter there was a slight recovery in spending due to the economic reactivation, after the lifting of the restrictions on the mandatory borders.

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The analysis also revealed this the Santander region is the one that has the highest expenditure in terms of beauty basket, reaching an 11% participation. Furthermore, items such as perfumes and makeup are the categories that attract the highest spending in this department, compared to the total for the country.

Finally, with the decline in catalog sales, Kantar sees that other channels such as discount stores and convenience stores have a positive change with 11% and 12% participation in the shopping respectively.

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