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In 2018, Blockchain companies reward hackers better than traditional companies, they report

In a report that explains how many ethical or white hackers did in 2018, blockchain companies are at the top of the list as the highest savers in the bounty programs compared to traditional firms.

The report revealed that in 2018, blockchain companies spent about $ 900,000 to pay hackers. These hackers, unlike those that penetrate systems for malicious or personal gains, penetrate a system, find weaknesses that can be used by black hat hackers and, instead of using the same for malicious gains, report vulnerabilities to software developers so that the weak points can be solved

In the report, Block.one and Coinbase have taken the top spot as blockchain companies that have spent more money with white hackers.

Block.one, which is responsible for the EOS blockchain, has spent more than $ 500,000 on these bounty programs. This represented over 50 percent of what blockchain companies spend on bounty programs. Coinbase, a cryptocurrency swap, has spent around US $ 300,000.

TheNextWeb, a technology website, noted that "blockchain companies would pay off hackers slightly better than other industries".

a spokesperson for HackerOne, a breach disclosure platform,
TheNextWeb continued to notice that:

The average size for all the blockchain companies in 2018 was $ 1490, which is higher than the Q4 platform average of around $ 900. One of the best hacker cryptographers has earned 7 times the median salary of the software engineer respectively in their country.

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it also indicated that more than 3,000 weaknesses were identified by sizes
hunters this year. However, these vulnerabilities came from 64 blockchain companies
on the violation disclosure platform. The platform is sure that the number of
the weaknesses are much higher as the blockchain firms exceed 2K.

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possess a good part of the shortcomings.

As we go through 2019, do you think that blockchain companies will increase their goodness bonuses while trying to secure their platforms?

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