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Imperial Throne has officially collaborated with BlaCat Platform

Imperial Throne, created above Ethereum's blockchain, has provided players with the opportunity to develop as a digital lord. From the purchase of the first plot of land to the increase, to the removal of tokens and to the fight against other players for the prize and the loot.

The latest news from the expansion team is the statement that will be the latest addition to the BlaCat platform. This teamwork will make Imperial Throne one of the first games based on Ethereum to be present on a NEO platform, now ZoroChain.

This news comes after several games based on Ethereum have chosen to switch to the TRON network (TRX), both with a modest door and a full-blown move. Overall, it seems that blockchain-based game designers are vigorously seeing the best platform for their innovative and current titles, and are very willing to change, given the right offer. As per announcement, the new Imperial Throne game also includes missions for the game's natural heritage, Imperial Throne Token (ITT). Token extraction, which occurs when a player acquires a piece of land and becomes a lord, accounts for 60% of ITT distribution.

Team work has undoubtedly added a new improvement to the BlaCat platform, which has continually required to shape a powerful Bionetwork platform for blockchain gaming. Wang Fangfang, director of operations at Imperial Throne, said the company is tremendously optimistic about the SDK of the embedded BlaCat portfolio, which will completely solve cryptographic issues. In addition, ZoroChain from BlaCat will offer a series of explanations on the combined blockchain technology for DApp's rapid development. The response time of the Onchain process will only be in one second. This includes groups of chains of parallel requests that can be extended simply by relying on a rich middleware model.

It also hopes to access a faster blockchain network that enables simple scalability. The groups of parallel application chains and the BlaCat SDK wallet are ultimately what attracted the Imperial Throne to make the transition. On the other hand, a number of video game veterans have shaped Planet Digital Partners, a new game developer who plans to bring blockchain-based game names to popular media such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices.

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