Impact on Blockchain technology


Today, games are a serious business and not just an adolescent pastime. Currently, online gaming is a $ 95 billion industry, with about 2 billion people enjoying entertainment It provides. Lately, the online gaming industry has seen blockchain present various ways in which it could affect what is already a booming business, bringing greater security and opportunities for players who are currently made difficult. Let's take a closer look at how this technology is trying to shape the largest entertainment industry of our generation and get up to new era for gambling enthusiasts.

The value of the gaming items will go up

The world of gaming is highly competitive, with players always looking to become owners of something in a game that others do not possess. He spends so much time searching for rare items, and players tie large amounts of value to them. With blockchain, the value of these articles seems set to increase, since there are more ways to use and exchange objects. Selling fiat money items can, and will do so, only give them more value.

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Archiving without hackers

As I said before, players attribute monumental value to the objects they discover in games and guard these earthly goods with the most ferocious of care. Blockchain will make the security of these articles much safer using encrypted blockchain logs. As the hackers will know by now, registers blockchain create virtually too much security for successful hacks.

Black Market Decline

Game developers depend on the royalties of traded items, however many trades are brought to the black market if government restrictions are bought. This also increases opportunities for scammers to operate and take advantage of the players. Blockchain will ensure that this situation does not occur due to its decentralization. The server owner will always be able to collect the earned revenue for any sales or trades of items they have developed.

The Parallel Gaming Universe

Players are always looking for ways to expand and discover new virtual territories. Parallel game universes present perfect opportunities for this, and blockchain technology would just be the ticket to see it happen regularly. Smart contracts are responsible for corroborating the data, while the distributed ledger will allow you to enter different games with objects and characters. Gaming companies will use smart contracts to consolidate terms and conditions, paving the way for greater synergies and enhanced game pollination.

Rate Tampering, Good Bye

Players are interactive and always take advantage of the opportunity to vote when the opportunity presents itself. Voting takes place through awards ceremonies, teams of esports, releases of articles, etc. There is always the possibility for hackers to tamper with the results of any vote to influence the result in their favor. Once again, the intelligent contract system will ensure that this becomes almost impossible and that the collective vote of the players is the correct result.

These points are but a hint on what to expect in the coming years as blockchain technology is integrated into the gaming industry. There will obviously be safer ways to make payments, but this opens up another whole discussion. In the meantime, let's sit down and look at the blockchain evolution.

Photo by Jamie McInall from Pexels

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