Igor Dodon does everything to win: a state publishing house breaks the law and prints election leaflets with the president of Moldova – News from sources


The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) of Chisinau was informed on Wednesday of the press at a state publishing house of an important batch of election leaflets in support of candidate Igor Dodon, incumbent president, who will face his rival Maia Sandu on Sunday, reports the portal. Agora.md the head of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS), in the second round of the presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova.

The complaint was presented by the vice president of the PAS, Olesea Stamate, who asked for the immediate sanction of Igor Dodon, accusing him of using administrative resources and of not declaring expenses for printing these promotional materials, writes agerpres.ro.

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“It is clear that there are many more abuses in between. The use of administrative resources, perhaps exceeding the duties of the service (…). We are awaiting a prompt investigation and sanctions according to the law,” he wrote the vice president PAS.

Tens of thousands of election leaflets promoting Igor Dodon’s candidacy were spotted by several PAS representatives at the state-owned “Universul” publishing house. According to PAS deputy Igor Grosu, they would have written about them that they would be printed on November 9 at SRL “Edit tipar Grup”, which would not correspond to reality. The deputies of the PAS have called on the spot an operational group from the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office.

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Igor Dodon’s electoral staff stepped up their actions in the last hundred meters of the election campaign, trying to mobilize their supporters. Thus, the Socialist Party – which supports the candidacy of the incumbent president in the elections – will organize several rallies in Chisinau on Friday, reports the NewsMaker portal, quoted by Free Europe.

The request for authorization from the socialists to the Chisinau city hall states that it would be a series of demonstrations at the Opera and Ballet Theater, the Academy of Sciences, the Grand National Assembly Square and the Memorial Complex dedicated to soldiers who died in the war in Afghanistan, anticipating a participation of up to 20,000 people.

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These manifestations occur during a period of restrictions against the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic. Currently, out of a total of over 83,500 cases confirmed by COVID-19 in the Republic of Moldova, more than a third are registered in Chisinau (almost 36,000), the capital considered by far the most affected area by the pandemic. Chisinau remains in the “red alert code”, being banned – indoors – meetings with more than 50 people, and all sporting activities – no matter where they take place – take place without spectators, notes Free Europe.

Socialist Party municipal councilor Victor Poleacov announced on Friday a march from the Moldovan Academy of Sciences along Streettefan cel Mare Street to the square near the Opera and Ballet Theater. The request published on the Municipality website mentions the presence of a maximum of 50 people who will participate in the march and rally.

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On the same day as the last election campaign, PAS and our party led by Renato Usatii organize a series of meetings with the voters, but all of them expect a turnout of less than 50 people. Igor Dodon, as an independent candidate, also announced meetings with voters, but also with a turnout of less than 50 people, according to the aforementioned broadcaster.

The second and final week of the campaign before the second round takes place in the midst of a government reshuffle in Chisinau, after the Democratic Party, a coalition partner of the Socialists, gave up supporting Dodon for the confrontation in Chisinau. November 15.

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“We will maintain neutrality in the presidential elections. We urge everyone to vote based on the values ​​they share,” Democratic Party leader Pavel Filip said Saturday at the end of a meeting with party members.

As a result, on Monday morning, Democratic ministers were sacked and people close to Igor Dodon showed up for vacant posts. Thus, his foreign policy adviser Aureliu Ciocoi returned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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According to some analysts from Chisinau, not convinced that he is lucky in the second round of the presidential elections, Igor Dodon is trying to strengthen his control over power.

In parliament, several deputies broke away from Andrian Candu’s “Pro-Moldova” and created the “For Moldova” parliamentary platform, which was also joined by deputies from the “Şor” party. Together with them and the three independents, the Socialists currently hold 54 seats out of a total of 101, which means they have a majority without Democrats, according to Deutsche Welle.

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According to DW, Igor Dodon is no longer as insistent on early parliamentary elections as before, and Prime Minister Ion Chicu said the current government will not step down after the presidential election, as previously stated.

Maia Sandu won the first round of the presidential election with 36.16% of the vote, ahead of her opponent Igor Dodon, who got 32.61% of the vote.

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