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"Bielefeld? It does not exist." It is a word of order in Germany, and above all it is part of a "conspiracy theory" of 25 years. Now, the city that may not exist has decided that the time has come to take advantage of the issue. If you can't beat them …

In 1994, a computer science student named Achim Held developed a theory about the non-existence of Bielefeld and published it in a conversation group on the Usenet network, gaining popularity on the Internet. It would only be a joke with satirical touches, although full of "facts" and "arguments" (from the CIA to the Mossad, including Atlantis, everything is possible …), and was based on a simple premise: "Some people understood that we were average Much has been said about a city called Bielefeld, but nobody knows anyone from Bielefeld, nor has it ever been there. "

From here, the Bielefeld conspiracy theory has sparked much debate e it is, more than two decades later, a popular German joke, to which Angela Merkel has already referred: In 2012, the chancellor stated that he had visited the city and that "it exists after all". Or at least, in a good mood, he said that he "had the impression of having been there".

The "conspiracy" can be found, for example, on WayBackMachine, the website's archive site (here through Google Translate in Portuguese) – and is also entitled to the Wikipedia page and is stored in Google Groups. But those who access bielefeldverschwoerung.de today will find another material: the contest just launched from the target city of the conspiracy.

That's all an official campaign to promote the city and its "existence"is Die Bielefeldmillion – The End of a conspiracy, A plan to end (or not) the conspiratorial joke about the city that "nobody knows" and "is not famous for nothing". One million euros is offered to anyone who demonstrates that it does not actually exist. According to German radio television station Deutsche Welle (DW), to win the prize it will be necessary to defend and validate the theory well.

DR / Bielefeld JETZT

Bielefeld, which has (perhaps) over 800 years old and which (perhaps) is in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, with (perhaps) over 300,000 inhabitants, hopes in this campaign not only to dissipate the lasting conspiracy but to take advantage of it (in effects). ) to promote itself as a tourist destination.

"We are very excited about all the creative contributions [já recebidas] is we are 99.99% sure that we will be able to fight any"The county marketing director Martin Knabenreich, quoted by DW, commented. On the site (available only in German) there are contributions in photography, text and video.

The competition is open until September 4th and, apparently, all those who want to compete have, from the city authorities, the 0.01% chance of winning the million. One thing is certain: with the competition becoming viral worldwide, the 100% winner was Bielefeld.

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