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IDF commander turned into PM candidate touts body count & bombing Gaza into 'stone age' in ad campaign – RT World News

Back to the Stone Age. "Former Israeli Defense Forces chief turned to political candidate Benny Gantz is touting the body count and racked up.

Gantz has released a series of campaign ads for his "Hosen Le Yisrael"(Israel Resilience) party, glorifying the operation and oversaw as IDF commander as he tries to replace Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister in April's election.

"Parts of Gaza were returned to the stone ages,"One clip of footage of the bombed-out shells of Palestinian buildings. Gantz led the offensive that bombarded Gaza for 51 days as a chief of general staff of the Israeli Defense Forces1,364 terrorists"And bringing"3.5 years of quiet. "

Palestinian funerals, a series of Palestinian funerals, and a third episode of the assassination of a Hamas.

Gantz, whose campaign slogan translates to "Israel Before EverythingTrader Netanyahu by just ten points, "seems convinced that Israeli voters pick their leaders by evaluating their death-dealing prowess. Hosen le Yisrael would win less than half as many as Netanyahu's Likud party if the elections were held today, according to that poll.

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Palestinian and Israeli media have both taken issue with Gantz'sterror"Math. IDF targeted civilians, since less than 800 of those killed in Protective Edge were militants, while Haaretz notes that the Israeli military figures figures less than half of the Palestinian casualties as militants – meaning Gantz included close to 500 "uncategorized"Casualties in his"terrorist"Tally.

Since it was a Palestinian-Dutch citizen Ismail Ziada in his lawsuit against Gantz – since Ziada's suit alleges the bombing that killed his familyin breach of international humanitarian law. "

"Only the strong win, "The videos proclaim, echoing Netanyahu's own militaristic rhetoric – though a fourth campaign spot features of Gantz looking thoughtful and platitudes about"striving and working towards"Peace, seemingly beamed in from a parallel universe or someone else's campaign.

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