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I need a sales season & # 39; – bitcoin falls below $ 4000

The bitcoin fell again on Monday morning after a rocky weekend that saw it collapse on Sunday at the lowest level since September 2017.

The cryptocurrency fell 0.5% to $ 3.905 on Monday, after falling below $ 4000 on Saturday and continued to slide over the rest of the weekend.

The fall comes on the heels of a vast sell-off of cryptocurrencies triggered by disagreements within the coin developer community and persistent regulatory control concerns.

Last fall brings the loss of bitcoins for the solar year up to 72 percent.

The responses within the crypto community were mixed: by writing on the Reddit online forum, a user expressed enthusiasm at the lowest price saying it was good news for potential investors and enthusiasts who were looking to buy more: "L & # 39; last year I could only dream of owning 1 bitcoin, now it is possible … I want to see this thing go so low that I can afford to buy 20. "

Another was more pessimistic: "I would be [excited] if I had some money to buy with. . . I need a sales season, not a buying season. "

A user seemed to have more conflicting feelings: " [bitcoin’s] the price has stopped falling like a rock, but I'm worried that there is not enough volume of incoming purchases to call a fund, "said the user." From the bulls, let's do another bit of money before destroying this useless experiment. "

A commonly discussed topic within the community is regulation. On Monday, several users expressed their frustration at the fact that they were prevented from collecting their cryptographic holdings as they were unable to respond to banks' anti-money laundering claims about the origin of the coins.

"I lost track of my historical purchase, (pre 2014 bitcoin) and I also did a somersault among the coins using the change of form," said one, adding that it was said that their bank account would be been frozen "if I tried to cash in large sums".

Another echoed this concern: "I have also moved my coins a lot to claim the launches and trade and now it is almost impossible to prove where they come from."

One solution is legitimately buying, the former said: "Now the price is still low, I'm going to buy, but this time it will be legitimate, buying through Coinbase," they said. "I will keep records and if the price should hit the roof I should be able to cash in and pay my taxes without problems."

But another user claimed that regulation was a vote of confidence in cryptography rather than the source of problems: "Acceptance of regulations seems safe, we could not have dreamed about these things about a year ago."

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