“I hated working with Joana Latino”


C.láudio Ramos recently participated in the “WI-FI” program, from RFM, to answer pungent questions from the “Cara Podre” challenge.

“Who was your worst collaborator?” Asked the radio animators, deserving a prompt and sincere response from the host.

“Everyone who attended ‘Martian Nights’ was terrible, except Jorge Mourato and Susana Cacela – which were loves. Everyone was terrible to me, all Martians, they were bad colleagues. They received me very badly, “recalls Cláudio Ramos, guaranteeing that the weather has improved over time.

However, the truth is that this was only the first part of the question. The presenter confessed that more recently there was also a colleague with whom he didn’t like working at all.

More recently, I have not enjoyed working with Joana Latino at all. I hated working with Joana Latino, I thought it was a horror. Our shapes did not match. Although not a person, but in a studio in ‘Passadeira Vermelha’ “, he confesses, recalling the time both were commentators on the SIC Caras program.

Cláudio underlines the bond of great complicity he has established with Ana Marques, Luísa Castel– White and Liliana Fields. She later joined Maria Botelho Moniz’s team, which was “very well received” by everyone, and only after Joana Latino.

“Then, when Joana Latino intervened, personally, I didn’t identify with her, with her way of working. But I always respected her space and she always respected my space”, she finally explains.

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