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Despite the strong bearish market after a sudden spike that occurred on August 25 TRON is still seen rising by over 3% in the last 24 hours.

Next to the most recent Positive in the price of TRX, the Tron foundation seems to be one of the most rapidly blockchain-based projects at the moment as Justin Sun, founder and CEO of TRX and Tron Foundation, announced numerous news regarding the development of the Tron network.

This is how, in addition to having the upcoming Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) coming out on August 30 the foundation has also shared the news on the enabling of multiple accounts, as well as on working with the 39; Bulk Adoption and Organizing a Bounty Hunting for Rew Reward Rewards

TRON Organizes Hunting Private Keys

One of the ways TRON is gaining additional momentum is launching a & # 39; Interesting private key sizes hunti that should be awarded in TRX.

The bounty hunt was announced on August 24 th through an official post published in Medium, where the team announced that the reward of 6,666 TRX units will go to the person who is able to extract the private key right for the address of the wallet provided.

Based on the image provided within the bounty reward reward program, users should try to reveal the exact private key, thus becoming eligible to win 6666 TRXs as a reward. The competition started on August 24 and should end four days later, on August 28 when the winner (if any) will be revealed and rewarded appropriately. [19659002] In the event that the prize remains unlocked, the funds will be transferred to one of the future reward programs for bounty hunting. The team also announced that anyone tuning during live streaming scheduled for August 30 TVM's release has a chance to win the TR88 award as a reward, while details regarding the TRX's main reward should be revealed during live streaming.

TRON Launch TVM in just a couple of days

Since the launch of the mainnet, the TRON Foundation claims to have seen its project progress at a faster pace, comparing the network principal of TRON with the general performances of Ethereum.

The team announced that Tron Virtual Machine will be released on August 30 when the foundation announced the Day of Independence for TRON, which is now only a few days

Tron Virtual Machine should make the project better and bigger as stated by the TRX team, while it should make the creation and implementation of decentralized applications more efficient. [19659002] With decentralized TVM applications and smart contracts can be managed and executed on the virtual machine test network, then addressed to the TVM and Super Representative nodes. It is said that the new virtual machine will resemble the EOS system, while the TRON ecosystem would be compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine.

However, TVM will not ask for any commission, unlike the ETH virtual machine, which should attract more developers who are planning to create and deploy more complex decentralized applications.

TRON announces more accounts and address book for TRX portfolios

The team announced on August 24 th that more accounts have been added to Tron Wallets, plus an address book . The team also added that from the beginning of the project the TRX team gave priority to the possibility of providing users with a way to divide their active activities into multiple accounts, which is now available.

New features allow multiple account operations, and additionally, the newly added address book organization has been split into Contacts and Accounts for secure and secure storage via TRX portfolios.

The team added that the new features include over 100 bugs fixed, while the basics are designed to work on new features and updates regarding the TRON portfolios.

TRX now accessible to millions of users and businesses through CoinPayments

In the series of ecstatic announcements for the last two days concerning the development of the TRON network, Justin Sun has announced that thanks to the CoinPayments platform, TRX is now officially available for millions of businesses and users.

As announced on August 24 th TRX was added as one of the payment methods on the CoinPayments platform, which means that cryptography is now accessible to over 2 million different users and businesses.

Justin Sun stated on this occasion that this addition compensates for a "huge step towards the adoption of cryptocurrencies" since the newly added support will contribute to the rapid growth of TRON.

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