Hungary is in partial quarantine. The Orban government is receiving more powers to fight the pandemic


Eighth graders and students will return to online education, restaurants will close, sporting events will run without spectators, traffic will be restricted from 8pm to 5am, and meetings of any kind, even those with a family of more than ten people will be banned.

Although the government claims hospital beds are sufficient to cope with the new wave of the epidemic, the opposition accuses it of not having taken sufficient measures in the months between the two pandemic waves to increase testing and health capacity, Agerpres reports. . .

On Tuesday, the toll of the outbreak in Hungary reached 118,920 contaminations, 4,140 more than the previous day, and 2,596 deaths, up 102 from Monday. Of the total number of patients, 461 are in intensive care. Hungary is the third most affected country in Europe in terms of mortality rate per hundred thousand inhabitants, after the Czech Republic and Belgium.


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