Hublot came out with a "Blockchain" clock worth $ 25,000


The school seems to be the place where laws must be strictly observed, especially in China, a totalitarian country with strict rules, including those relating to cryptocurrency is extraction. Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

A funny story happened in one of the middle schools in the city of Chenzhou, in Hunan. According to local Chinese HK01 news, the principal and deputy dean were captured while digging etereum using school goods.

According to the headmaster's words, he first installed the equipment at home, but the electricity bills were too high, so he decided to move it to the school dorm, but there was not enough space. He had no choice but to transfer all the servers and equipment to the school.


After some time, that is to say several months, the teachers of this school began to complain about the fact that computers emit a lot of noise and often "slow down". The teachers decided to find the answer to this problem and found mining rigs.

Principal Lei Hua and Vice-President Wang Zhipeng have already received their punishment, respectively in the form of dismissal and warning. In the meantime, we want to remind you that mining in China is growing and thriving, thus threatening the security of the world's most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is in danger: the Chinese hegemony over industry

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