Huawei will be able to use Snapdragon processors: Qualcomm already has the license


Huawei Mate 40 Pro becomes the brand’s latest mobile phone to be launched in Spain using a Kirin processor. Due to the Trump administration’s veto, the manufacturer cannot produce its own processors, forcing them to look for alternatives. They’ve been talking about their conversations to buy processors from other brands for weeks, as long as they’re not 5G compatible.

A few weeks ago it was said that MediaTek was in talks to supply processors to Huawei. According to some Chinese media, it would now be Qualcomm that would get a license, so that the Chinese manufacturer can use its Snapdragon processors.

Huawei could use Qualcomm Snapdragon processors

Qualcomm has applied for a license from the US government to provide processors to Huawei. This license was finally accepted, which opens the door for the processor manufacturer to become one of the suppliers of the Chinese phone manufacturer.

The main question so far is the current restriction on 5G technology. Since it seems that the Chinese manufacturer may not yet have access to 5G processors. So it seems that at the moment the processors that will be provided to the brand will all be 4G, in the absence of any confirmation in this regard.

A possible agreement between Huawei and Qualcomm it largely depends on what happens with TSMC, a key company in the production of the brand’s Kirin processors. The Chinese phone manufacturer may not enter into an agreement with TSMC if the appropriate licenses are not obtained. This would open the door for companies like Qualcomm or MediaTek to become processor suppliers, as the brand’s latest phone already used a MediaTek chip in China.

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Another question is what will happen to Huawei now that the United States changes president. The Trump administration has been in an ongoing war against the manufacturer, but Biden’s arrival in the White House could mean that the waters are quieting and the manufacturer’s veto ends.

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