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HUAWEI CLOUD officially launched its Blockchain Service (BCS) for global use on November 15, 2018, after launching it for commercial use in China on October 10th quest & # 39; year.

Now available on the international HUAWEI CLOUD website, the service helps companies and global developers create, distribute and manage blockchain applications quickly and at minimal cost on HUAWEI CLOUD. Its global launch sets the stage for a distributed global blockchain platform.

Be proactive essential to build a Blockchain ecosystem

Blockchain presents decentralization, resistance to tampering and traceability and creates trust among the participants in the transactions. As such, blockchain generates value when used in business applications in specific industry scenarios. Businesses in various industries are currently exploring blockchain applications, but the implementation of a blockchain on a cloud is not a new feat. In fact, developers must have a thorough understanding of blockchain technologies. Distribution also takes a lot of time.

Back in 2016, Huawei joined Hyperledger, the most influential open source project in the blockchain field, hosted by the Linux Foundation. Due to its continuous technical and code contributions in two sub-projects, Fabric and STL, Huawei has been recognized as the main maintainer of Hyperledger. Huawei is also the sole maintainer of Asia in these sub-projects.

BCS is a cloud service that takes advantage of the advantages offered by the container and the security technologies of HUAWEI CLOUD. It is easy to use, efficient and universally applicable and can be used in data applications, Internet of Things (IoT), finance and other fields. Scenarios can be used in coverage data transactions, identity authentication, proof of information (such as real estate and education), remote health assistance, tracking of food sources, Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and IoT device management. It offers substantial assistance for the creation of a technological ecosystem and digitally transforming industries.

BCS has significant advantages

HUAWEI CLOUD is now focused on developing its blockchain platform to offer technical support to companies that develop blockchain applications and solutions.

BCS has the following advantages:

Integrated compliance with Hyperledger Fabric 1.1 and Kubernetes, with simple configuration, implementation in minutes and E2E O & M multi-angle automatic

Multiple efficient consensus algorithms (over 5,000 TPS) and flexible switching, dynamic joining or abandonment of nodes and multi-role members, and container-based physical resource management

Lower development and deployment costs, pay-per-use convenience, reduced O & M costs with unified management, automatic scaling and on-demand upgrade / rollback

  • Robust protection and privacy protection

Complete management and isolation of users, keys and permissions; multilevel encryption and privacy guarantee; fully proven computer security infrastructure

HUAWEI CLOUD BCS is dedicated to providing companies with a solid foundation for innovation and development, collaborating with companies to build a better world. Using BCS, a company can establish a blockchain system that is perfectly suited to its business in just 5-10 minutes. Welcome to the official HUAWEI CLOUD website for assistance and advice.


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