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Huawei is committed to creating a fully open HUAWEI AppGallery, providing innovative applications to consumers around the world. In the Hong Kong market, as Huawei smartphones have become popular among local users, HUAWEI AppGallery has also developed rapidly. More and more companies or brands have joined the Huawei app market. Recently, 30 new apps arrived on the HUAWEI AppGallery, covering travel navigation, social communication, financial management, convenient living, food, travel accommodation, education, news reading, purchase price comparison, photo beautification and gaming. , etc., to fully optimize users’ daily life.

Featured program 1: mobile version of Centamap

The “Central Plains Map” has always been one of the most used cartographic tools by Hong Kongers. HUAWEI AppGallery recently included it. Users can check the digital map provided by the Land Department’s Survey and Mapping Office. In addition to finding the address, you can immediately see it on the map. Go to various categories of nearby information, such as bus stops, restaurants, properties, real estate transactions, car owners fact sheets, tours, social services, education and training, historical stories, tourism, churches and temples, etc. From then on, a HUAWEI mobile phone can be used in Hong Kong!

Featured Program Two: Fresh Direct Delivery

In the epidemic, more people stayed home cooking, “Fresh Direct Delivery” allows HUAWEI mobile phone users to buy fresh fish without leaving home! They have set up their own fish workshops in the Aberdeen Fish Market, recommend seasonal seafood and seafood based on the season, and set up a 24-hour “live fish collection” feature. HUAWEI mobile phone users can watch their favorite seafood and place orders in real time via the App. Thereafter, the transport fleet will be delivered directly to the door 24/7. All live fish come with special oxygen-dense fish bags or vacuum independent packaging to ensure they are 100% fresh in the moment. which they arrive!

Featured Program Three: MCL Cinemas – Ticketing

After Broadway Cinemas and Jiahe Cinemas, MCL Cinemas’ dedicated programs have finally arrived in the HUAWEI AppGallery! The program allows users to check the screening times of major films in MCL theaters at any time and to immediately purchase theater tickets, choosing venues, shows, seats and ticket prices. In addition, the program provides theater discounts and special program information from time to time. You can become a member through the program to enjoy more discounts and earn points, which is a must for movie fans!

Featured Program 4: SLAM DUNK

Inoue Takehiko’s masterpiece “A Boy Who Goes Into a Bottle” has recently become a mobile game. Fans of machines and manga have enjoyed it and it is now available via HUAWEI mobile phones. The game is licensed by Toei Animation. Players can control multiple characters in the original work, such as Sakuragi Flower Road, Rukawa Kaede, etc., gain skills, experience the classic storyline of the original animation and compete with various university teams in 1V1 bullfights and even 5V5. , Feel the blood and emotion brought by competitive events.

Featured Program 5: Calling Bear Lite

I think everyone has tried to get annoying phone calls or annoying sales calls. A little carelessness will fall into the trap of “defrauding the party”. The global database of “Bear Caller Lite” provides the “caller identification” function, which can identify more than 500,000 telephone numbers of public or private organizations, both malicious and corporate calls, can be identified for the first time! The built-in phone manager can view all calls in one stop, so you are not afraid of missing important calls.It is a must-install program for HUAWEI mobile phone users!

Featured program six: SNOW

The HUAWEI mobile phone is famous for its beautiful pictures and “SNOW” beautifies the selfies further. It can create and store customized beauty effects to easily create the most beautiful self. At the same time, there is a trendy AR beauty function, which can be customized by blush, lip gloss, contour eyeshadow, presenting fascinating selfie photos. There are more than thousands of built-in textures and new filters are on the shelves every season and they also come with professional editing features. You can adjust the brightness, contrast or hue of the photo with just a few taps.


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