Huanju Group says Muddy Waters report contains a large number of errors and its share price rises 16.9% –Reuters

  1. Huanju Group said Muddy Waters reported that its fraudulent report contained a large number of errors and its share price rose 16.9%Reuters
  2. YY live broadcast was accused of being short sold due to muddy water in the Huanju eraSina
  3. Huanju Group Responded to Muddy Waters Short Report: Full of Ignorance About Live Broadcasting Industry and Live Broadcasting Ecology-Latest NewscnBeta
  4. Market News | After Baidu spent 23.6 billion to buy YY, the short arrived: almost all the proceeds from live broadcasts were fake_detailed interpretations_news_hot events36kr
  5. Muddy Waters Huanju Group Short Film Claims 90% Of YY Live Broadcasts Are Fake DataSina
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