HTC will focus on flagship, mid-range and blockchain phones in 2019


HTC does not have the same big presence in the smartphone market as it once was, but as of 2019, the company seems to have different plans to make sure that next year is as successful as possible.

Talking with DigiTimesHTC president Darren Chen said the company will focus on flagship and mid-range phones in 2019, specifically releasing a flagship device that improves the U12 + formula and that probably makes it safe even with its band devices average. It was noted that sales for the 128 GB variant of the U12 Life that was released at the start of this year were "robust".

The other HTC target for next year's smartphones will be the recent engagement with blockchain devices. 2018 saw the initial release of HTC Exodus 1, which Chen has already sold out. Moreover, DigiTimes points out that HTC is "mapping the new strategy and business model for a further promotion of blockchain smartphones".

Given how this year has seen HTC report its lowest revenue numbers since 2003, we can only hope that 2019 will work better for the company.

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