How to explain the blockchain to corporate decision makers


Dan Patterson of TechRepublic asks the CEO of Jarrod Dicker on the best way to explain the importance of the blockchain to the proverbial powers that are. The following is a modified transcript of the interview.

Dan Patterson: How do we explain the blockchain to business in ways that make sense especially when we talk about decentralization? Many companies maintain control and value of intellectual property? And centralization makes sense for many people in the business. So, how do you explain, not just technology, but the value proposition of blockchain for those who work in huge corporate companies?

Jarrod Dicker: One of which is this idea of ​​a future archive, right? Being able to have an immutable ledger for your assets, right? Right now there's storage in the cloud or they're owned on platforms, and how do you get that property in an area that's yours and yours just under key? This is something that has been very clear. The demonstration of the concept of existence, proof of the existence of That's how the name was born, a very simple technical application, but that makes sense.

Returning to what I said earlier, what is this idea of ​​why and where does this decentralization make sense? Money? Absolutely right. We are taking advantage of the reputation, the identity. Things you do not want central power are able to dictate or make decisions for you. And what's happening is that more and more people understand this, explaining it to the business … explaining it to my mother and father, right? Or by explaining this to anyone new in space, making them understood is enormously valuable for anyone building on blockchain. Why not equate it with advertising: tech, right? But ad: technology is deliberately made confusing, I believe, to keep people out.

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And what happened basically, they are very smart people who could have advertised: the most valuable technology in terms of marketing and engagement and retargeting data was kept out because it was too confusing, and now we're a little in this rot, and we had huge problems with data collection and other things that announcements: technology has brought.

With blockchain, if we could be extremely aware and smart about how we explain it and how we can open the doors to more people, then that speeds up, right? Not just where it's going and products being built on it, but its value, right, for the whole economy. And how we can do this intelligently.

So what I'm doing to and what others are doing in other companies that I think are smart about that part of it, is really making sure we explain it in a very clever way, showing the right front growth value ? Removal of the jargon. When I talk about, I hardly use the word blockchain or try not to focus on the word decentralization, but in reality we explain the value it is bringing to everyone and why it is important. And once they understand better, then it's easier to come back.

And unfortunately, when you mentioned the word "jargon" earlier, everyone is the blockchain of everything. We will need the dust to stabilize a little in order to clearly articulate the larger value as it continues. But I think smart companies are now making sure they explain it in a way that can be consumable and exciting and that does not turn people off.

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