How to convert Bitcoin (BTC) to Ripple (XRP)


Bitcoin and XRP are two of the most famous coins out there. Bitcoin, of course, does not need to be presented as the pioneering peer-to-peer coin. On the other hand, Ripple has become the blockchain-based transaction platform for many.

As a result, this is a simple but complete guide on how to exchange Bitcoin (BTC) with Ripple (XRP) on two major exchanges; Changelly and Binance.

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  changelly btc

Changelly is a popular exchange of coins courtesy of the access it provides to different cryptocurrencies in exchange for BTC. What's more? The exchange offers easy registration without requiring KYC and long registration forms.

The exchange offers competitive exchange rates, at 0.5%, which is right for frequent traders. Your user account also shows transaction history that allows you to track your business effectively. Also, the clean interface should make browsing flowing. You can also buy Bitcoin on Changelly easily using your credit / debit card. Let's examine a simple procedure for the acquisition XRP of Changelly :

  • Sign up using your email ID to set up your account. There is an alternative to using an alias if you want to keep your identity hidden. This procedure is simple and should take only a few minutes.
  • Go to Changelly's home page and select the currency you want to trade for; in this case XRP.
  • Enter the amount of the exchange (The amount of XRP you want). This depends on the desired amount or the amount of BTC available on Changelly.
  • Click on change and enter your wallet address on the next page. This is the address of your personal wallet that you would like to send to XRP. As such, a secure portfolio destination, like the Ledger Nano S hardware portfolio, is ideal. (Read also: XRP Best Ripple wallet)
  • Go through the transaction details over more time and confirm the transaction. The transaction should be completed in no more than a few hours for which you will receive an e-mail to confirm the same.

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  exchange of house binances

For many in the cryptosphere, Binance needs no introduction. Not only is it the biggest exchange out there, but it also offers fabulous services. As such, for anyone looking for exchange services, this is a great place to check out.

As a result, the size of the site means that you always have the guarantee of great liquidity. Therefore, the site is ideal for investors looking to make large-scale purchases. Nevertheless, anyone can use the exchange with China for get XRP and this is exactly what illustrates this brief guide.

  • First of all, register with Binance using your email. This step is simple and use your email to verify your account or a temporary service e-mail for one-time anonymous transactions. Registration allows you to create a portfolio address.
  • Deposit Bitcoin using the "funds" button on Binance. You will use this amount of BTC to trade with XRP . Send BTC to the address of the generated portfolio.
  • In the box at the top right, find the BTC / XRP pair. Enter the XRP amount you wish to purchase, then click Buy XRP.
  • Check the details of the transaction and confirm the transaction.
  • Send the XRP to a secure wallet.

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Ripple XRP has demonstrated an incredible applicability and resilience to remain relevant in last year's cryptocurrency bear market. The recent increase in value is an affirmation of its current and future relevance. Investing in XRP today to be part of the digital future.

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