How to buy Ripple XRP Coin 2017 [Ultimate Guide]


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Ripple coin it does not require any more presentations. Day after day, due to its growth rate, investors are now becoming familiar with this digital currency which was invented in 2004 but officially launched in 2012. One of the reasons Ripple is successful is its investment. It is a venture capital, in which many formal companies including Google has invested in millions.

The year 2017 is really the year of digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ripple coin. In recent months, the value of these two digital currencies has been increased with an extra ordinary growth rate. While the average growth rate of Ripple currency is more than 75% per day, but the original growth of its price against the dollar is higher than 3800% since its launch. For this reason, investors are now choosing XRP for the investment purpose. In fact, Bitcoins are out there where investors can invest, but the price of Bitcoin has now reached very high levels, making it very difficult for small and medium-sized investors to invest. That's why their second choice is Ripple coin and this is why Ripple has been ranked as the third most popular digital currency.

You can buy as many as you can Ripple coins you want against EUR, USD, INR, and BTC etc. Like Bitcoin, there is no minimum amount of XRP they are necessary to buy and invest for the investment purpose. Most of these websites dealing with BTC also offer a solution to their investors for the purchase of XRP. For new investors who have been attracted to the growth rate of the Ripple currency, it may be difficult for them to know how to invest in Ripple coins and from where they can buy Ripple coins. That's why I decided to write this article and help those who do not know how to buy Ripple and how to invest to earn a profit?

How to buy XRP?

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The official website mentioned the list of approved companies where it is possible buy Ripple coins creating an account on websites. Every website has its own needs and deals with different currencies. The XRP can be traded with all the most popular currencies in the world including USD, BTC, CAD, JPY, EUR, CNY, ETH and more. To help investors, the official website has also shared the detailed written tutorial of each website. They also mentioned the list of banks that deal with Ripple coins. So, it is not at all difficult to find a reliable company to buy Ripple for investment purposes. The same website that allows you to buy Ripple coins also allows you to resell them.

Most of these websites that allow you to purchase XRP, also share the real-time rate of Ripple and other currencies. These statistics allow you to make strategy and decide that at that point you should buy and sell Ripple to generate revenue.

The purchase of XRP works like the purchase of any other online currency. While there are many websites and companies from where you can buy XRP but the most popular and reliable are Bitstamp, GateHub and Kraken. Indian users can buy Ripple from the BTcXIndia website, which is still in its beta version, but it works very smoothly.

How to buy Ripple on Bitstamp?

bitstamp at home

The purchase of XRP from Bitstamp is totally free. They will only charge you when you make a transaction. Registration on the website no longer costs. In addition to the XRP alone, the website also deals with BTC, USD and EUR. So you must have one of these currencies buy XRP.

Step 1: Register on the website using this link: This required to add basic information such as name and email address.

Step 2: After completing the first step, you will receive an & # 39; email with username and password. Use the link ( and the information to access the site.

Step 3: Before depositing money, you need to verify your Bitstamp account. This can be done using this link: All you need to do is send the requested information.

Step 4: Once you're done with the verification process. The next step is to deposit the money. This could be done by clicking on the deposit option from the main menu or following this link: There are several options to choose from. Choose the right one and send the information.

Step 5: The deposit process can take a few seconds to 2 days (depending on the option you have chosen). You can check the balance from this link: Now visit the buy and sell section or use this link: to convert your balance to XRP.

Step 6: The sales and purchase section will show you the real-time rate of XRP. So, now it's up to you when to buy Ripple money. You can wait a few seconds for a few minutes to buy at low rates and use the same strategy at the time of sale.

How to buy Ripple on Kraken?

kraken ripple

The process on this website is the same as above, except that you need to buy XBT before depositing money in buy XRP.

Step 1: Register on the website using this link: You must fill in the form with username, password and email address.

Step 2: Once you have received an & # 39; activation email. Just click on the link indicated in the email for the activation process.

Step 3: Like Bitstamp, you need to verify your account on the Kraken website. They offer different level options for this purpose. Then follow all the instructions mentioned on each level page. This will also require you to upload the scanned copy of your photo ID.

Step 4: You will receive an email about verifying your identity before seeing the deposit option. Click on the deposit option found under Account> Funding> Deposit in the main menu. You must first place an order to buy XBT. On the order page, you will see many options, select which one you like best.

Step 5: Once you have placed the order, you will be able to see the option to exchange XBT against XRP. Click again on the new order and select the Simple option. Now you will be able to use XBT to buy XRP. Just enter the amount and click on the Buy XRP button.

How to buy Ripple on GateHub?

ripple of gatehub

GateHub deals with many currencies including JPY, BTC, ETH, USD, CNY and EUR etc. So, you have many options on this platform to buy XRP.

Step 1: Register on the website using this link: Send basic information such as an e-mail ID and password. You can download the recovery key on this page that you can use in the future if you forget your password.

Step 2: Activate your account by simply clicking on the link you will receive via email.

Step 3: Register now on the website and verify your identity. To this end, you need to have a mobile number in which the company will send you a 4-digit verification code.

Step 4: Before depositing money, you need to create a gateway. To do this, you need to click on the option called connecting a gateway on the home page. From here you will have to select the currency as EUR (or any other) and click on the confirmation option.

Step 5: The gateway will allow you to deposit money. Click on the deposit option and select the option to deposit the money. You can use a bank account for this purpose.

Step 6: Once you have successfully deposited the money in yours GateHub account, you will see the amount in your wallet. This amount can be used for buy XRP. Click on the EUR exchange option to XRP and enter the amount. You will see the real-time speed of XRP on this page. Click on the green button for buy XRP.

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