How the XRP Tree project is reducing the environmental impact of ripple technology


What do you do when you love a blockchain project and you also want to preserve the environment? This demand has crossed the minds of many killing enthusiasts who are also aware of the increasing effect of global warming caused by increased carbon emissions from power plants (coal and diesel plants). Furthermore, considering that the Bitcoin extraction activities on many occasions have been highlighted as contributors of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to the amount of electricity used to extract the BTC.

The more you make BTC, the more power is generated by the plant. This means more coal used and more carbon emissions. In a sense, Bitcoin has become a scapegoat for energy analysts and opponents of blockchain technology. However, we had explored a few days ago as some of these studies and relationships are one-way.

XRP: the most ecological and sustainable cryptocurrency

The XRP community believes that the digital asset should be the standard because it requires less energy to process a transaction on its registry. Transactions on the XRP register consume less than the standard VISA transactions.

Some time ago, Ethereum World News highlighted this fact that can be summarized by the following information-graphic.

The XRP tree project a

But what if you want to do more than just accept XRP is the most environmentally friendly? What happens if you want to reduce your carbon footprint by planting trees to negate the environmental impact of transactions on your ledger?

Well, the XRP community did just that through the #XRPTree project that is led by a Twitter user @WanderingWare. The project collaborated with the One Tree Planted Organization. This last organization has an ingenious system in which $ 1 donated equals one tree.

@WanderingWare explained a Ethereum World News how everything works:

project is officially associated with that have an ingenious system where 1USD $ = a tree. They do this by pooling the funds so that they have enough to allow a large plant to cover all the funds. Most plants range from 5,000 to 20,000 tree plants to my knowledge. An incredible undertaking to do it on all 4 continents in different countries.

Tree costs vary by region and partner. Here is a quick and easy breakdown of how we get a tree planted in a medium region:

$ 0.50 -, 85 for a small tree to grow in the nursery

$ 0.20 – $ 30 per tree to be planted

$ 0.08 – $ 0.20 per tree average with transportation costs, material costs

$ .10 – $ .22 continuous maintenance of trees

$ 0.1 – $ 0.15 operating costs

$ 0.03 – $ 0.05 credit card processing fees, transaction costs

Over 1,000 trees planted so far

The #XRPTree project allowed to plant 1,126 to date and across 4 continents. These trees have been calculated to offset 24.77 tons of carbon dioxide from Ripple technology. Planting trees also helps repair land where it has been supercharged or is the result of over-harvesting of firewood and other commercial activities.

More than 200 trees to be planted in Rwanda

This week, the organization should have planted another 200 trees in Rwanda. @WanderingWare tweeted about the activities a few hours ago.

How to donate using the Punta XRP Bot

For now, the system is not perfect. All suggestions via the XRP flagship bit are managed via the @WanderingWare Twitter handle.

It is an imperfect system right now, but it is making progress so that it can accept it $XRP.

I am waiting for One Tree Planted to transfer my previous donations to them and to other members of the community on our new community fundraising page.

New fundraising page for transparency

The fundraising page of the #XRPTree project is up and running. The XRP community is working to update it so that every donation can be tracked on the site for transparency.

The site clearly explains the mission of the XRP Community to offset the carbon footprint of the 54 XRP validators in the network. The community also hopes that over time, the One Tree Planted organization will start accepting XRP donations directly and through Coil.

What do you think about the #XRPTree project? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Cover photo highlights tree planting activities atop Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, courtesy of]

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