How the XRP Community has helped and supported one of its members during a dark period

The XRP community on Twitter is considered one of the most engaging and informative communities on the site. However, recent events have emerged that only serve to strengthen trust in it.

The user Paul Oliver on Twitter to the manager @ gizimos2016 recently revealed to the community that he would sell all of his XRP to finance his operation. Yesterday, he communicated the news to the XRP community when he tweeted:

"I'm sorry to be in the XRP community when I had to sell all my XRP to pay for my operations but my health was more important I just hope that the price remains a bit longer, so I can at least build some support "

The community responded with his wishes, offering suggestions through the XRP Tip Bot to help him rebuild his investment . One of them was the user James Malpass who told him:

"Paul is welcome to this community, it does not matter if you have 10,000 xrp or just 1. I hope your health is improving +1 @xrptipbot and here's one to help you start getting up again. "

He kept saying:

" Keep your head on brother, your health is more important, there's a lot of time to come back and see the profits. First make sure you are all right to enjoy your profits. "

The Amy user also extended her wishes to Oliver, saying:

" You have to do what you have to do. many of us have had to sell some of them to stay out of the water … I hope you get back on your feet very soon! +5 @xrptipbot "

AMBCrypto has contacted Twitter about Paul Oliver to learn more about the story. He revealed his experience with XRP and investments. He said:

"Basically, at the beginning of the year, I was looking for a way to get more money together, so I could afford to do an operation at my mouth so I could eat normally again. I did some research and found Ripple and then XRP. "

Later, he started investing on XRP regularly, about once every fortnight. However, there were more sinister things in store. He said:

"Unfortunately my mouth got worse faster than when the price of the RPP increased and after resisting as long as I could, I was getting too thin and I had enough XRP to cover my operations. I just checked out last week and I went in and I did. "

His situation was further aggravated when he revealed that he had no family and that" he would never dream of asking for help from anyone " . The situation led him to a corner where his only choice was to sell his XRP if he wanted to do it himself.

After talking about his situation on Twitter, he saw the answer that the XRP community gave him. He said:

"I am so grateful to the XRP community for all their wishes to me." I was shocked at how many people were interested when I said I had to sell my XRP. better than having to rebuild. "

In response to the greetings received, he declared:

" I can not thank the XRP community enough for their support, they are truly a special race. "

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