How the hetathon eteroums are drastically improving Blockchain systems



Since mid-2017, Ethereum hackaters have been held in many large cities around the world to encourage the development of decentralized applications (dApps) and blockchain-based systems.

ETHGlobal, the largest Ethereum hackathon to date, has played a key role in facilitating the growth of the open source community of Ethereum developers, providing technical workshops, educational talks and resources for hackers participating in events to develop applications.

More recently, ETHBerlin, described by many hackers to date as the most successful Ethereum hackathon, has seen the emergence of a wide range of innovative projects such as an armored game using SNARKs and a prototype of Sharding encoded by the sought researcher of Ethereum Vlad Zamfir.

Hackathons is Changing the Sector

Linda Xie, a major investor in the cryptocurrency industry, has recognized her work as a co-founder of Scalar Capital and a consultant of 0x, has been involved in the hackathon of ETHGlobal since its first hackathon on October 13, 2017, in Waterloo, Canada.

At ETHBerlin, which has achieved significant media coverage through its efforts to rely solely on decentralized applications (dApps) and Ethereum solutions to facilitate activities during the event, such as live streaming, ticketing and hotel reservations, Local community developers in Germany and many other countries participated in the hackathon to build blockchain products.

Xie said she was surprised by the level of activity in the community of cryptocurrencies in Berlin, which focuses mainly on product creation and collaboration with other developers. He also pointed out that his favorite project of the event was Ethstonia Identity, a product that allows Estonian e-residency cardholders to sign Ethereum transactions using their cards.

"Of the 8 winning projects, my favorite was Ethstonia Identity, allowing people to use their Estonian identity card and to sign Ethereum transactions.You can make transactions on the blockchain using an ID issued by government that can be useful for signing legally binding contracts, "Xie explained.

Andreessen Horowitz co-founder and Leventario venture capital investor Ben Horowitz told TechCrunch that he is more a developer of crypto activity than anything the company saw from the Internet.

Currently, the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology are still in its infancy. The infrastructure supporting institutional investors has just been created and scalable solutions to expand the capacity of core protocols such as Ethereum are showing a significant process.

Xie said:

"While it is clear we are still in the early stages of construction, I enjoyed watching the developer community grow and progress through each event."

Building Interconnectedness

It is important, as said Gnosis creator Martin Koppelman, that developers continue to create dApps that rely on one another to create interconnections between decentralized systems, such as systems like 0x Protocol and Augur have done with their platforms and partner applications.

"And as a next step, the number to keep an eye on is DAPP that perfectly interact with each other and benefit from being on the same platform As a side effect, ultimately the price of ETH it will therefore be a function of the demand for the use of applications in this reliable, open and interconnected environment, "Koppelman noted.

Hackers will play a key role in helping developers build dApps with interconnection and streamlining the kickstart process of projects that otherwise might not be experienced due to lack of opportunities and resources.

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