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How long can people survive without their smartphones?

It's Christmas, that time of year when all wishes come true. Children usually write their wishes in the letter to Santa, but not only do children have wish lists. The technology community also wants Santa Claus to bring new features to their beloved apps.

Today we will examine the 3 most used applications and find out what important details are missing that could make their users happier.


Facebook send too many notifications. "Your friend's friend of your sister's husband posted a picture." Nobody wants to know! Facebook users are totally overwhelmed and annoyed by the wave of daily notifications. Thus, a crucial feature that FB is missing is to allow users to "assemble" their notifications, so as to obtain only useful information.


One of the most serious pitfalls of this social network is the absence of the option of unfinished suggestions. chirping it does a rather energetic job, pushing the accounts of the people, which we would presumably want, swallowing our throats. There is nothing wrong with analyzing the profiles and suggesting something, but the right to follow, love or recompile someone should be left to the users themselves.

There is one other feature that would make life on Twitter simpler. Research in direct messages. Imagine, you should not scroll the ocean of your images, but you can simply type in the name or word needed. I hope the techno Santa will hear / read this.


Here the situation is diametrically opposite to what we have in Twitter. While Twitter's suggestions are too insistent, those of Instagram are not enough enough. Insta really needs a "More Like This" or "See Similar Posts" option, since it would be much easier and faster to search for posts in a particular category in this way, without need of hashtags or search.

At one point everyone experienced the situation when they publish a relatively decent video on Insta story and then turns out to be a fuzzy mess. There must be a quality detector that will tell you when the quality drops too low and compares the quality of the new image / video / boomerang with the rest of your feed.

We all love social media. Make our lives more interesting, social and fun. However, there is always room for improvement and, hopefully, this Christmas wish list will also come true 🎁

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