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Litecoin (LTC) was Bitcoin's younger brother, created as a fork to address some of the major problems concerning original cryptography, which is basically the traditional idea behind each fork.

However, Litecoin has arrived with a huge dose of satisfaction for crypto users as it has led to faster transactions, which represent a value and a currency at the same time, often chosen for its liquidity for the same experience that users they can have with Bitcoin only at lower rates and faster processing times. [19659002] However, although it has long been traded in the top five currencies, Litecoin has suffered a sharp decline in the market, slipping even further down the official ranking, leaving EOS and Stellar XLM to take place number 5 and 6 in the ranking official.

Although Stellar has hit its all-time low over the last two months, compared to its peers in the current state of the market, although it is still considered the 7 th best currency, Litecoin (LTC) has still a chance against the bear market.

Litecoin LTC and Charlie Lee

If you look more closely at the involvement of Charlie Lee in the development and further adoption of LTC, there is no doubt that his strategies for the mass adoption of Litecoin all have a progressive core.

Here's how, despite the fact that Litecoin has been seriously collapsing in the last two months, Lee has kept his options for LTC open, announcing some important moves on Litecoin and LTC, which also includes the partnership with TokenPay.

TokenPay brought Litecoin and Charlie Lee, founder and CEO of Litecoin, at the gates of a German bank in Munich that bought shares should condition the issuance of debit cards encrypted with Litecoin, thus bringing LTC to the next phase of adoption.

In addition to Litecoin, TokenPay has also promised a debit card for Verge XVG, their old partner, annou that there will be more tokens and coins in the pipeline regarding the issue of the encrypted debit cards mentioned.

Charlie Lee also assured that there are several projects that indicate the beginning of the mass adoption of the LTC, hoping that LTC will be held in the portfolios alternately being used as a fully eligible payment method instead to have users who negotiate Litecoin for Fiat.

Here's how an active campaign was launched more than a few months ago, PayWithLitecoin, inviting all retailers, online and physical stores, small and medium businesses and sellers to apply in order to receive payments for their goods and services in LTC.

The program is still active and more stores, businesses and retailers are already receiving and using Litecoin, however, there is another project that could indicate that Litecoin is preparing to regain at least part of its previous physical value in the near future. and Litecoin Set bring LTC payments to SMS and Telegram

It seems that the foundations of Litecoin return to something, as Charlie Lee announced almost two weeks ago through the his official Twitter page. He presented the new project stating that the bear market "is the best time for people who work for mass adoption" while thanking the team behind the Zulu Republic for their huge contribution to the project.

With Litecoin payments become available via SMS while payments can already be tested on Telegram.

The project aims to enable people to make payments using Litecoin (LTC) easily emphasizing that represents a project that could allow LTC transactions via SMS even in countries where cryptocurrency trading represents a & # 39; illegal activity due to active cryptographic prohibitions. should also allow the sending of LTCs to people who do not even own a digital wallet, simplifying the experience that revolves around crypto-powered transactions.

The problem was designed by the Zulu Republic and should allow Litecoin payments via SMS to everyone with a mobile phone, which could bring you closer Litecoin

BlockFuse to simplify the development of App with Litecoin

To improve the process of creating applications with Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin (19659006)

BTC), BlockFuse announced on August 20 th that with an integrated development environment , called CoinMesh.

The team stated that creating apps with Bitcoin and Litecoin is "notoriously difficult" at the moment, which could be why developers are looking for other platforms to create their applications.

With the integration of BlockFuse's CoinMesh, this case should change to potentially provide a potentially necessary Litecoin (LTC) on the market.

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