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The price of Ethereum Classic has not been excluded from the last bear run that has affected the entire cryptocurrency sector. Just when everyone thought that the bulls began to dominate the market, the bears broke again and almost all the coins started trading in red. The price of Ethereum Classic dropped to $ 11.53 from $ 13.95 during the last bloody fallout.

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Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Coinbase

Months ago, reports that Ethereum Classic will soon be listed in Coinbase. This has attracted a lot of interest from interested parties and industry critics. While many were enthusiastic about the decision to list Ethereum Classic, others could not understand why Coinbase decided to do so. The news, however, increased the visibility of the currency, but critics continued to look at it scrupulously.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price today – ETC / USD

The Ethereum Classic branch manager of the United States, Anthony Lusardi, in an attempt to put the critics to rest with regard to the listing of Coinbase airing its opinions. In his words:

"Many times, when a digital currency is quoted on Coinbase, it automatically means more money for the platform and for many projects on DLT platforms.Many projects have more than 50% of tokens held by a main group or from a main development team. "

What he was trying to say is that the development of Ethereum Classic is not 100% based on financial additions. The listing not only gave more money to Ethereum Classic, but it also provided a great deal of awareness and a push for cryptocurrency. Further visibility of Ethereum Classic will lead to value and price growth

Price analysis of Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Following the comments of Anthony Lusardi, the price of Ethereum Classic has gradually entered into a slow but steady recovery. The price decline was protected at $ 11. At the time of writing, ETC was trading at $ 11.80. This indicates an increase of 0.22% over the USD, but a decrease of 0.31% compared to Bitcoin. The market capitalization is approximately $ 1,232,172,584 and the trading volume over a 24-hour period is $ 156,461,047.

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