How do you know if your account has been hacked?


The messaging service is the most used in the world, and is preferred for all communication functions which includes, such as text messages, calls, video calls and voice notes. Also, the “app” is constantly trying to make changes to improve the user experience.

However, being so popular puts it at risk of receiving attacks on people’s cyber security; in fact, it is one of the applications with the most “phishing” attempts, along with Facebook.

Furthermore, they exposed the reasons why the platform is not completely secure, as not everything is encrypted, there have been inconveniences regarding the privacy of users’ data, and there have been instances where accounts have intervened, hacked or spied on.

How to know if a WhatsApp account has intervened or hacked?

According to the Metro Ecuador newspaper, there are four warning signs To which you must pay attention to know if the WhatsApp account has intervened:

  1. The mobile phone runs out quickly.
  2. The equipment vibrates and beeps frequently.
  3. The device crashes regularly.
  4. The mobile phone overheats on numerous occasions.

Also, the Android Boss portal has ensured that when two people communicating via a chat do not have the same security code the connection is probably not completely secure and the conversation is intercepted.

To check this you need to go to the chat menu, which is located in the upper right part of the screen; click on “View Contact”; and click “Encryption”. The password that appears in that section must be the same for both peopleadded the aforementioned portal.

Here are some images showing where the “Encryption” section appears and what the security code looks like.

WhatsApp screenshot
WhatsApp screenshot
WhatsApp screenshot
WhatsApp screenshot

Sometimes, the security code may change and users are notified so they are aware of the change. In the video below they explain what the warning means.

As for hacking WhatsApp accounts, it’s important be aware of received messages that appear as read without being examined by the user. According to ADSLZone, many people use WhatsApp Web to access someone else’s content because that version of the “app” opens easily by scanning the QR code.

How to know if the WhatsApp account is being spied?

How WhatsApp keeps a log of all sessions started In the mobile application, the user can access this information to know when, from what device and from what place he entered his account, Andro4all pointed out.

What you need to do to open this record is to enter the “Settings” section of the platform and click on “WhatsApp Web”. There, the person will see all the sessions and can check if there are “currently active” on another computer which is not hers, added the tech portal.

How do they intervene or hack WhatsApp accounts?

One of the best known ways to hack WhatsApp accounts is through spyware. ADSLZone reported that there are applications that They are installed by hackers on victims’ mobile phones to obtain backup copiesand view all shared files and conversations.

In addition, it is possible for one person to take another’s mobile phone for a few minutes to activate WhatsApp Web on a computer, for example, and leave the account enabled indefinitely on said device. Therefore, it will receive all messages that reach the user, Infobae explained.

Similarly, hackers can intervene on WhatsApp via iInstall Trojans on the victim’s mobile phone to take full control of the computer. In this way, the attacker can access keys, images, messages and other files, added support in his publication.

How to prevent WhatsApp from intervening, hacking or spying?

  • It is essential that the user has a password to access the information on their mobile device and even activate the option to enter WhatsApp only via your fingerprint.
  • We do not recommend using public Wi-Fi networks, especially when using the messaging service.
  • As for the section of the application where started sessions are shown, the user can insert and close them all, in the event that it is not he who has opened them, so that third parties no longer have access to their information, indicated Andro4all.
  • The person must remember close all sessions of your account that you have opened, especially on third-party devices, in order to prevent malicious people from entering your profile, added the aforementioned means.
  • No.or enter the links that arrive via the messaging service or via e-mail request that a code be scanned or a session recorded on a platform, as it could be an attempt to “hijack the QR code” to access WhatsApp, Infobae advises.
  • Perform two-step verification e put these tricks into practice so that the WhatsApp account does not interfere:

How to protect the WhatsApp account?

The messaging service has end-to-end encryption, which ensures that only users of the same chat have access to what is shared in the conversation; not even WhatsApp can see the messages, images, videos and other files that are sent, as explained in the following video.

However, it is worth relying on external applications that guarantee the security of users’ data for an additional element of information protection. According to Connectas, The following “apps” help WhatsApp accounts to be protected:

  • App Locker: It allows you to block access to the mobile phone and is available on iOS.
  • Privacy Knight Locker: Allows you to block applications and information, such as contacts and call logs. It is available on Android.
  • Norton App Lock: prevents applications and multimedia content on the phone from accessing photos and videos. It is Android enabled.


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