How close is Joe Biden to winning Pennsylvania and the White House?


(CNN) – Presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden has taken the lead in the critical state of Pennsylvania. With an estimated 95% of the votes counted, Biden is nearing the conquest of Pennsylvania and, therefore, of the presidency.

“What our decision-making table is doing,” said CNN’s David Chalian, “is understanding what we know about the pending vote in Pennsylvania, what we know about the pace at which it came.”

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Most of the remaining votes in Pennsylvania will come from Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, a segment that has overwhelmingly supported Biden up to this point.

“Look at what just happened in Philadelphia,” Chalian said, referring to Biden’s continued success in the state’s largest city. “He got 87% of the votes. We know … there are still a lot of votes to count in Philadelphia. When that kind of Biden’s bullish vote is included in the vote totals, it only increases the level of confidence that this will potentially be out of Donald Trump’s reach. “

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Currently, Biden maintains an electoral advantage of 253-213 over the president. As votes continue to pour in from the Philadelphia area, the former vice president is slowly moving closer to the White House.

Pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes, a number that would lead Biden to surpass the coveted 270, the number needed to win the presidency.

“We will wait for more votes to be able to say something clear about Pennsylvania while we continue to make those calculations,” Chalian reminded viewers.

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