How Cardano (ADA) will use GeoGnomo to improve interoperability and standards


GeoGnomo is an open source project of the Long Finance Distributed Futures research program.

The idea is financed with pride by the founder Cardano (ADA) and is aimed at researching and sharing the methods used in the geostamping of the intelligent ledger. It enjoys progress thanks to its way of recording areas that also help efficient recovery.

There is no doubt that applications need to go beyond storing transactions (timestamping), requiring geolocation information. This led to an increase in geostamping. Geostamping is seen as a combination of information on timestamping and geolocation.

How It Works

The innovation, GeoGnomo, has developed 3 approaches for recording geographical information:

A triangular Quaternary System.

Quaternary rectangular system.

A variable rectangular system.

This can be used to register geographic areas in a blockchain by generating source code and an online translation from areas of latitude and longitude to geocodes.

In this essay the blockchain use case has a "global postal code" or "global code" system.

In a research work published by Long Finance, it was indicated that GeoGnomo, an open source project "exploring various forms of geocoding for use in Smart Ledgers (or blockchains with embedded computer code). GeoGnomo focuses on memorable systems that provide simple methods for aggregating areas together, as well as providing users with clues about location, distance, and scale. "

" Using consistent geocoding data recovery is easier. easily share information – "tells the drone to come on F49PUR9B7-20", a resolution of 7.6 meters, "said Long Finance in a statement.

The idea will be added to the Smart Contract platform, thus improving operability and standards. It is interesting to note that it could soon be distributed by Cardano (ADA) to improve its Smart Contract platform.

To make the idea firmly rooted in the minds of people interested in the geo-setting of smart contracts, Long Finance is planning a presentation on "Smart Geostamping Ledger – Steps towards interoperability and standards". This is to keep blockchain fans aware of how.

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