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Honoring Mohammad Hafezi at the Berlin Film Festival as "Hollywood Reporter" of the year

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Sunday, January 20, 2019 – 20:27
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Sunday, January 20, 2019 – 20:27

The author and producer Mohamed Hafsee has won the Arab Film Award of & # 39; Arab Film Center from the Hollywood Reporter and will receive its award at the Berlin International Film Festival, marking the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the Arab Film Center. Berlin.

In 2018 he became the youngest president of the history of the Cairo International Film Festival, he was also a member of the jury of the Horizons competition at the Venice Film Festival and continued to produce films that achieved public and monetary success by participating in the Day of Judgment, Cannes, and as Egypt at the Oscars, was the third consecutive time that a film made by Egyptian conservatives to the Oscar after the clash and Sheikh Jackson, as well as the day of religion, which is back in the Egyptian cinema at the official competition of the Cannes Film Festival after the absence of 6 years, this is the second time that one of his films participate in a clash that has been after the department aspect to what he opened in 2016, and in addition to that in the presence Hifzi list of the most influential 100 in the Arab world launched by the Arab Cinema Center.

The film analyst Alaa Karkuti, co-founder of the Arab Film Center and president of the company, commented on the award. "Mohamed Hafez is a rare example of film-changing directors because of where, for example, a wave of young filmmakers emerged thanks to their faith and opportunity. The Cairo International Film Festival has been reported in life thanks to the faith of the filmmakers inside and outside the Arab world to save themselves, what was done in 2018 is truly exceptional in the march of Egyptian and Arab cinema and we are proud to present the award. "

"It is a great honor for me to be honored by two prestigious international institutions such as the Arab Film Center and the Hollywood Reporter," he said. "The 2018 was an exceptional year for me at a professional level and I consider this award as a motivation and inspiration to achieve even bigger goals".

Since joining the world of cinema in 2001 through paternity, he has gradually become one of the most influential actors in the world of cinema in Egypt and the Arab world. He begins writing a series of films that become classic Arab Cinema, then film production that gets critical and popular hits through its film company, Film, and thus be an influential element in the film industry through its participation as a member or president of Egyptian film institutions and actors and to be a representative of the film industry Arab in international events.

Last year, the Arab Cinema Personality and the Hollywood Reporter delivered the Arab Film Personality Award to Abdulhamid Gomaa, president of the Dubai International Film Festival and Masoud Ammarallah Al Ali, artistic director of the festival.The award is part of the strategy of the Arab Film Center to promote the Arab film industry internationally. Arab directors.

The Arab Cinema Center celebrates this year its fifth anniversary thanks to MAD Solutions, a non-profit organization registered in Amsterdam that promotes Arab cinema, while the Arab Cinema Center offers Arab filmmakers a professional window to get in touch with the film industry from around the world. The activities of the Centro del Cinema Arabo include suites in the main markets, meetings between Arab and foreign directors, receptions, meetings with institutions and dowries. The Arab Cinema Center was able to register through its website in the postal service, through which users can access digital copies of the Arab film magazine, news on the activities of the Arab Film Center, notices. progress for scholarship programs, festivals and presentations of educational and training institutions, updates on the Arab films participating in the festivals and highlighting the updates of the activities of the partners of the Arab Film Center and their film projects.

The Arab Cinema Center launched the Arab Cinema Guide through its English-language website, a comprehensive, service-based film guide based on a first set of tools to provide Arabic cinema information for filmmakers alike. 39. Inside and outside the Arab world, making it easier for Arab filmmakers and directors to access the markets. In addition to helping representatives of the global film industry to easily identify Arab film productions.

The Center of Arab Cinema has announced the launch of an Arab festival in Prague, Czech Republic, whose activities include programs aimed at introducing various aspects of Arab culture to audiences around the world. The programs focus on the film industry and television but extend to all aspects of culture, arts and creative content.

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