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Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, President of the Republic of Mauritania, said that the awarding of a summit on Arab economic development and its willingness to meet regularly reflect the university's lively interest in these issues and the willingness of the countries Arabs to activate and accelerate the pace of integration and economic integration in the Arab region.

In his speech at the opening of the Arab Economic Development Summit, he said that Arab countries must ensure harmony between their economic structures and the optimal use of their wealth, natural resources and resources. human.

He explained that the achievement of economic integration in the Arab world to create sustainable development requires that Arab countries invest in human capital and build an Arab human being open to world cultures and armed with contemporary science, and liberate the energies of youth and allow women to play their full role. But only by giving priority to education and the continuation of scientific research, which will contribute to the Arab countries beyond the dependence of the economy, mainly on the export of raw materials, and allows the construction of an industry competitive is competitive.

He stressed that this integration must be achieved through work to improve the business climate and encourage intra-commercial and joint exchanges and support small and medium-sized enterprises in Arab countries.

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