Hole-in-one in golf: Jon Rahm manages a magic shot at the Augusta Masters


Have you ever tried to throw a stone into the water so that it bounces off the surface? It’s not that easy at all. Spanish golf star Jon Rahm did something much harder on Tuesday.

Two days before the start of the 84th Augusta Masters tournament, he deliberately made his ball dance on the lake during training. The golf ball hit the water three times, then jumped onto the green and rolled into the hole. The ball remained in motion for about 20 seconds, a hole-in-one in a class of its own. The world number two succeeded on his 26th birthday.

The organizers of the Masters tweeted a video of the art shot, in the morning it had been viewed more than 18 million times:

“Second hole in one in two days – happy birthday for me!” Rahm commented in the spectacular clip on Twitter. He had already hit an ace the day before, but not with such a water ball.

Prior to the current Masters tournament, it is part of the ritual for players to bounce the ball on the lake during training. Doing so is hard enough. Hitting the ball along the surface of the water and still putting it in the hole is a rarity.

Normally thousands of spectators would have cheered and cheered, but due to the crown pandemic, no fans are allowed in Augusta. “Imagine the din it would have been a normal year,” golf star Rory McIlroy said when he heard about Rahms’ magic.

In the current Masters, which runs from November 12-15, Rahm is one of the favorites (read more about Spanish here). Last year, Tiger Woods sensationally won the traditional tournament.

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