Holders of XRP currencies express anger against undulation in spite of product innovation and current use cases


Holders express their anger while the price of XRP continues to fall

Some virtual asset investors may have ventured into the industry in particular by buying during the Bull Run that cryptographic space has witnessed in the period between last December and February of this year, as a result, it happened to having purchased its investments at a time when virtual goods were at historic highs.

at XRP, the crypt registered a peak of $ 3.82 at the beginning of January, at present it is valued at 0.255, which shows a decline of 93.9% in just nine months.

The frustrated XRP holders

The massive decline in the value of cryptography has forced many XRP holders to go on Twitter to express their frustrations that have occurred. sult of the bear market. This is because their XRP investments have continued to decline significantly in value.

Stellar (XLM), a better option?

Some XRP owners realized that the price of XLM is gradually approaching that of XRP. This is due to the recent news that indicated that international payments with IBM and the acquisition of Chain gave me better prospects for the crypto.

The Amazon Story

Recently, the founder of Morgan Creek Anthony Pompliano, has dragged the memories of the cryptic fans that the price of Amazon shares has already crashed on four occasions, but still it is valued at over a trillion dollars.


The current bear market is likely to influence some Porters to cash in, but the road to a crypt that becomes precious is bound to go up and down. This does not mean that it will never get up again.

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