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High quality barista coffee: really? Yes, really! | articles

If you're in this area, if you live somewhere near Austin, TX, you can see for yourself if a vending machine is able to provide quality barista coffee. At the start of this week, my plans came together to see and experience the Briggo Coffee Haus.

About three weeks ago, the first public Briggs Coffee Haus was placed in front of the University of Texas campus in Moojo. They are known for their sandwiches with ice cream and are listed on Eater Austin as one of Austin's essential ice cream shops.

The Briggo website describes the company in this way: "We are a specialized coffee brand that allows people to create their perfect cups of coffee, because we believe that the perfect one is personal".

Perfect. Staff. Those are the keywords. Young people, especially millennials, have very high expectations. Among their most important things they want (maybe it should be "request") are:

1. Customization: The ability to produce food and drink exactly to the "recipe" they prefer. As you will see, Briggo Coffee Haus offers a personalization.

2. Technology: Those same younger customers want to use technology in almost every phase of their life. This includes the ordering of their meals, snacks and drinks. Once again, Briggo provides this with an intuitive and complete ordering process. You can "shop" on the machine or download the app. The app is very important because most buyers prefer to use their devices.

3. A good shopping experience: This can be defined as "getting something that is tasteful, as it was ordered, in a reasonable time and at a fair value". Once again, for me, Briggo Coffee Haus has made me a satisfied buyer.

We walked up to Moojo at 2322 Guadalupe Street. My partner that day was a friend with extensive experience as a manager who ran leading companies in our industry and a number of major restaurant chains. We were both impressed with what we saw that afternoon.

When you access the Moojo store, the machine is on the left. When you approach the Briggo Coffee Haus, you immediately notice that it is large – probably more than 8 feet in height and covers about 40 square meters. There are two interface screens. A card payment slot is located below the screen on the left. It was nice to see that there were no slots for paying bills or coins. Here is a vending machine for the 21st century.

We engaged in a conversation with one of Moojo's staff. She was very enthusiastic and encouraged us to download the Briggo app and get our first drink for free. At that point, my thought was to sort and interact using the on-screen interface. Even as a beginner user, it was quick, easy and very intuitive. My favorite coffee is a warm milk with vanilla syrup and skim milk. This was a simple and quick ordering process. We will bring you soon through this process.

He told us that Moojo decided to open earlier, at 7:00, to meet the demand for morning coffee. On the Moojo website they mention that they offer pastries for breakfast, an obvious additional sales opportunity to satisfy early-morning customers looking for something to enjoy with their coffee. Imagine that! A vending machine created incremental sales for a retail / restaurant store.

If you've ever ordered a barista at the bar, you're ready to interact with Briggo Coffee Haus. We create an order:

1. Select the beverage you prefer: 13 hot and cold drinks: coffee; special coffees; hot chocolate; chai; skimmed milk; served hot or cold Each product shows the approximate waiting time for the order to prepare and ready for you. My selection: milk.

2. Then customize the order. My choices were: 12 ounces; skimmed milk; two shots of espresso; Vanilla syrup; no sweeteners; temperature – hot.

3. My order was $ 3.34. Another drink could be added if desired. A credit card has been entered and the payment has been collected. I was given a code, to be entered later, to allow me to collect my drink from "behind" the delivery door. When c is a pending number, there is a list of names (or screen names). Highlight your name, enter your code, the machine picks up your order, the door opens and your drink is delivered.

When you use the app, it's easy to pre-order as you approach the store. You can save your favorite "recipe" to speed up the process for future orders. Within a few minutes, your order will be available on the Ready screen.

Promotional offers are simple and obvious. To stimulate the test, the first drink is free when you download and use the app. So, to create repetitive activities, every eleventh drink is free. Since you are registered through the app, it is Briggo's job to know when you are eligible for your next free purchase.

Briggo Coffee Haus can serve more than 100 drinks all hour. How many expert baristas would you need to meet that level of demand? Here is a robotic barman offering specialty coffee on a 24/7/365 basis.

You might wonder why Briggo Coffee Haus is so big. The machine is a well-stocked barista station capable of producing 100 cups per hour. Everything you see on the counter for a bartender (to make magic) is in the car. There is no one there to return to the warehouse to get more milk, or sugar, etc. Think about how many cups he held. Go to the Briggo website or YouTube for videos to see what's going on behind the front panel.

By the way, let me tell you about my milk. It was very good. I would definitely stay here again. In addition to coffee, it would be nice to try a sandwich with Moojo ice cream.

My only criticism is simple. The exterior design of the car is not as good as coffee or shopping experience or value (which was a good deal).

So – as on top of this report – "If you're in this industry, if you live somewhere near Austin, Texas, you can see for yourself if a vending machine can provide quality barista coffee." Unless you're planning to take a nap today, get out of your office and get to Austin to try Briggo Coffee Haus.


INTERACTIVE: Briggo customers are greeted by a colorful touchscreen display and invited to activate the system. They can also choose to order in advance, using a smartphone app, by paying for a credit card. They can pay the car with a credit card. Briggo does not accept cash.

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PAUL SCHLOSSBERG he is president of D / FW Consulting, which works with customers to market and market products in busy retail environments, such as vending machines, on-site catering and grocery stores. Based in the Austin, TX area, you can be contacted by e-mail at the address Paul@DFWConsulting.net, tel. 972-877- 2972, or visit www.DFWConsulting.net.

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