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Here is a list of cryptocurrency terms that we coined in 2018

Technology is literally responsible for thousands of new words that have been added to our daily vocabulary in the last decade. Words like selfie, TL: DR, bingeable and Bitcoin have all been added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary this year.

All of these words started somewhere before being included in the dictionary. Usually, new words are invented in a Shakespearean way to best describe something that at the moment there are no words for. If people start using the newly created word, they may one day insert it in the dictionary.

Here at Hard Fork we coined – understood? – and we come across a handful of words this year which, we think, helped us to get our points of view. But for the sake of transparency, after all it is blockchain, here is our alternative cryptocurrency dictionary and blockchain terms invented this year.

1. "Cryptocurrencer": General term for someone who is involved in cryptocurrency, they could be a trader, a hodler, a developer or a hobbyist spectator.

2. "Cryptopreneur": A portofante of the words cryptocurrency and entrepreneur As suggested by this combination, it is a" cryptocurrency "someone involved in the creation of a cryptocurrency or a blockchain-based business. (See also: disruptrepreneur).

3. "Cryptonaut / cryptonaught "Not to be confused with the pursuer of the coin wallet with the same name, consider it as a portofante of the words cryptocurrency and astronaut. It is a special kind of cryptocurrency, one that explores the least visited galaxies in the cryptocurrency industry. It is the only word we would like to have invented.

4. "Cryptomonnaies"Okay, we did not actually invent it, but I'm sure we were the first English-speaking blockchain outlet to use it." The French do not seem to have a word for cryptocurrency, so they refer to digital goods such as cryptomies, in the end are encrypted, but French Tres Bien.

5. "Disruptrepreneur": As with" cryptopreneur "this is a mash-up of" disintegration "and" entrepreneur. "Every day it seems we see another blockchain company that claims it will" destroy " [insert industry here] like never before "and we felt that these people needed a name.

6. (Special mention) "Hödl": What kind of list of cryptocurrency terms would be complete without mentioning hodl? None.It does not need explanation because it was a typo that crashed, hodl means hold.If someone tells you to shut up, they are saying hold on to your coins instead of spending them right away Someone who is looking for is known as a hodler.

Whether you are an experienced professional or a simple hodler, these are the terms you should use in 2019. If you do, maybe one day Merriam-Webster will call us to tell us that they have created the dictionary … We can dream.

Published 24 December 2018 at 15:00 UTC

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