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Here comes the Phone Blockchain

A new mobile with blockchain technology and end-to-end encryption is set to be launched in time before Christmas. Will it have what it takes to beat its established competitors?

Payments via blockchain, end-to-end encryption, online verification with an electronic ID – too good to be true? Wisekey, a computer security company based in Geneva, promises this and more when launching Wisephone (in the picture below).


Genesis, the standard Wisephone type will reach stores on December 15 and cost $ 556. Or 0.12 bitcoin, which was $ 447 once this story was published.

A premium device called To block it will hit the market in the first quarter of 2019, with a better integrated camera, a faster processing chip and an integrated cryptographic portfolio. The price was set at $ 894 – or 0.19 bitcoin. The portfolio will only be activated when the Swiss regulator, Finma, launches Wisecoin, Wisekey's cryptocurrency platform.

Safe Android smartphone

CEO Wisekey Carlos Moreira says that Wisephone is an Android phone like any other with exactly the same features. But it has an additional protected area protected from specific Android security issues. This unique feature allows users to securely store cryptographic currencies or other cryptographic resources and to also protect their e-mail and voice communications.

Of course, only time will tell if the new phone is more than a marketing tool and if it is actually capable of all the special features. And here's a presentation by Wisephone from CEO Moreira:

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