Hearing loss … a new symptom reveals a coronal infection


A new symptom of infection with the emerging coronavirus “Covid 19”, revealed by researchers at Anglia Ruskin University in the UK, is tinnitus, and was discovered after a 20-year-old girl suffered from hearing loss. due to virus infection.

In a recent study, researchers interviewed 3,103 people with tinnitus and the swab results revealed an exacerbation of tinnitus in 40% of them, while 54% did not notice any difference, while 6% of the respondents said that the infection reduced the tinnitus – according to Frontiers in Journal. Public health “.

The study also revealed that 7 people reported having tinnitus after “Covid 19” infection, while scientists did not determine the cause of the tinnitus, possibly due to factors of increased anxiety and feelings of loneliness. self-isolation and quarantine.

It has been reported that no effective vaccines have yet been released for the treatment of Coronavirus. The number of HIV infections is also expected to increase as the new year approaches and winter approaches.

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