Health: The President’s Chronic Disease Treatment Initiative provided services to 18 million citizens for free


Dr Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, revealed that the medical service has been provided free of charge to 18 million citizens over the age of 40 as part of the president’s initiative to “follow up and treat chronic diseases. and early diagnosis of kidney disease “, coinciding with World Diabetes Day..

This took place during the inspection by the Minister of Health and Population, today, Saturday, the ongoing development and upgrade work at the Abuordis Central Hospital in South Sinai Governorate, accompanied by Dr. Head of Medicine curative, as part of the follow-up of the latest preparations for the experimental operation of the new global health insurance system in the governorate.

The minister stressed during his tour that the political leadership pays close attention to the public health of citizens, noting that all presidential initiatives will continue to work, which will be positively reflected in the improvement of public health of citizens, especially in light of the efforts of the Been to address the emerging coronavirus..

The Ministry of Health and Population stated that the minister inspected the various departments of the hospital, including (intensive care unit, nursery and patient rooms), to verify the hospital workflow and provide medical service. of high quality to patients..

The ministry added that the minister has been assured of the final preparations necessary to start the trial operation of the new system in the hospital, which includes 46 beds, two operating theaters, 3 dialysis machines, 4 intensive care beds, 5 nurseries. for children, a laboratory, a radiology department, a storage blood bank and 8 clinics. The exterior includes various medical specialties.

The ministry indicated that the minister made sure during his tour to hear from the hospital’s medical team, stressing the importance of their commitment to applying infection control standards to protect them, thanking all medical staff and staff. hospital for their efforts in providing the best medical service to patients, emphasizing the continuation of all medical and administrative training According to the standards of the global health insurance system.

The ministry stressed that the minister was also keen to hear from citizens who hesitate at the hospital and the extent of their satisfaction with the medical services provided to them, assuring them of their willingness to provide the best medical service to all patients in light of the application of the new Shamil system.

The ministry added that the minister has instructed Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobky, Deputy Minister for Supervision and Follow-up Affairs, Head of Health Authority and supervisor of the new global health insurance project, to continue working in the hospital units. in parallel with the completion of all ongoing equipment for hospital trial operation with the new system, to ensure continuity of supply Medical service for hospital assistants.

The ministry indicated that the minister continued his tour by inspecting the Araisheyah Family Medicine Center, which serves more than 5,000 citizens, while the minister reviewed the registered family medicine files and the total number of open files so far reached more. of 4,800 family medicine files. And this since the beginning of registration in the new governorate system, starting in October 2019.

The ministry said the Araisheyah Family Medicine Unit is one of the second generation units and provides family medicine, maternal and child health and dental services, as well as preventive medicine services and family health education..

It is interesting to note that the Governorate of South Sinai is among the five governorates of the first phase, namely: (Ismailia, Suez, Luxor, Aswan and South Sinai), in which the registration of citizens has begun since the 1st of last October, in preparation for the implementation of the new global health insurance, in addition to the Port Said Governorate, which was launched by last July.


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