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"He was disgusted by what he discovered"

William Bourdon, the lawyer for several cases of whistleblower and those who defend Rui Pinto. he was interviewed by the Diário de Notícias

"We believe there are strong reasons why the extradition request should be rejected." This is a European mandate, and we know that there is not much room for maneuver, but there is a jurisprudence, for example, Hervé Falciani, whom I defended in Swiss Leaks – has been stripped of all charges, including 39. intrusion into alien computers, and was not extradited by Spain to Switzerland, "says William Bourdon.
Interviewed by Diário de Notícias
, the lawyer – the protagonist of whistleblowers cases – who defends Rui Pinto talks about the risk of extradition to Portugal of the alleged hacker of Benfica's e-mails. "It would be extremely paradoxical to send Rui Pinto to Portugal at the same time as he is in active cooperation with the French financial prosecutor, and in view of working with the Swiss prosecutor, Rui Pinto has agreed to cooperate, he told the newspaper.

"Everyone considers that the complainant, if he provides services of public interest, must protect his interests and must find a balance between the judicial importance and its benefits for the European consumer, the tax payer The fact that the crime is minor – hacking – and I repeat that the offense of extortion is firmly denied by my client, and will be demonstrated without difficulty to his innocence, "said Bourdon.

The lawyer was peremptory in his response: "It is absolutely impossible: there is a judicial principle that is very important: that of the specialty, we say that the evidence can only be collected from Portugal if they are related to the complaint that has brought to a halt ".
At the insistence of the DN
– "Does this mean that the police can not collect more evidence of the Doyen case?", Concluded William Bourdon: "This is not a Portuguese inquiry, it is an extradition request – and this could imply However, these documents may be used only by Portugal if they are precisely and undoubtedly connected to the complaints that are the basis of the mandate. [O caso Doyen?] It's true … "

"I do not have access to the case in Portugal, but there seem to be two cases connected to Doyen, and this can not be spread in other stories, otherwise it will be illegal," said the well-known lawyer for the defense of famous complainants, Julian Assange and Eduard Snowden.

In the same interview with the DN, Bourdon also refers to death threats: "He has evidence that he has received death threats, and many people in the underground tried to identify him, and to capture and undermine his integrity," said Rui. Pinto, who calls him "an intelligent, kind, very humanistic and simple boy, was a supporter of FC Porto, and was angry and disgusted by what he discovered".

Explaining that the alleged defense of the hacker was paid by "The Signal Network" – "not me, because I am a member of the administration" – William Bourdon also explained that the attitude of Rui Pinto " it was the consequence of the arrogance that exists in this world of football, which believes it can continue to act in complete impunity. "

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