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Haven, a new app from OB1, allows users to chat, buy and send crypto in private

The startup Blockchain OB1, the developers of the decentralized OpenBazaar shopping platform, has announced Haven, a privacy app focused on socializing with friends and shopping with cryptocurrencies.

The project was announced by Brian Hoffman, founder and CEO of OB1, at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami. The developers say that Haven "will allow users to buy, chat and send cryptocurrencies privately from their mobile device".

The ability to chat with friends and family on social networks was tainted by data breaches and network reports that monitored user activity and sold data collected to third parties.

According to a company announcement, Haven will have a little bit of everything. "It will combine a multiple portfolio of cryptocurrencies, a social network and a true peer-to-peer market" for an inclusive economy and global participation with a focus on privacy.

Users can create an e-commerce store using only their smartphones. They can also purchase items through the market using cryptocurrencies like bitcoins. To accelerate the purchasing process, Haven has a multi-wallet in which it is possible to store, receive and send the four cryptocurrencies supported on the platform: bitcoin, bitcoin liquidity, zcoin and litecoin.

Haven comes with a social feed, complete with features that allow users to share, like, comment and republish, in the foreground in the app.

To ensure a safe shopping experience, Haven uses the OpenBazaar software and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a decentralized and distributed file storage system.

OpenBazaar is an open source project for the construction of decentralized e-commerce stores that do not require intermediaries to function. Think of it as an eBay without commissions.

"We believe that users must be in control of their data and are inspired by how cryptocurrencies allow them to exchange with each other around the world, users can connect in this way now without the need to access traditional payment processors or use platforms e-commerce giants that collect all their personal data, "explained Hoffman in the company's announcement.

"Haven is the most advanced OB1 project that represents our mission to bring users a comfortable but private social market experience."

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