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Reporter Zhong Zhaozhen / Full report

In 2015, Honda released the small S660 sports car. After the announcement, fans sparked a lot of discussion. The sports car named S has once again stepped out of the world, reminding people of the legendary Honda S2000 sports car. Unfortunately, the Japanese special K Car will only be sold locally. Outgoing, the S660 rolled out a small change over the course of the year. Much to the chagrin of fans, this little sports car is still only sold in Japan.

▲ The 2020 Honda S660 Module X. (Photo / Photo from the Honda website)

Because the S660 will grab the attention of car enthusiasts, because this small lightweight sports car uses a mid-engined rear-wheel drive and is equipped with a S07A 660c.c inline 3-cylinder DOHC engine that can exert 65 horsepower. This power performance is not great. , The car weighs 850 Kg. Compared to the Mazda MX-5, the power / weight ratio is much better, but it does not reduce the temptation of Honda S660 fans.

▲ The 2020 Honda S660 Module X. (Image / photo from the Honda website)

The Honda S660 has a very small wheelbase and good looks. The convertible setting completely inherits the classic S2000; the small restyling introduced in 2020 changes the original black A-pillar to the same body color and the seat uses more Alcantara suede The material and heating function are added to provide better comfort performance in winter and also increase the texture of the car .

▲ The interior of the Honda S660 Module X 2020. (Photo / Photo from the Honda website)

The Honda S660 is priced at 2,031,700 yuan in Japan and the S660 Module X is priced at 3,042,600 yen, which was officially launched.

▲ Equipped with hot-blooded manual gears. (Photo / Photo from Honda website)

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