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Guaidó offers an amnesty for the Venezuelan military

The president of the National Assembly of Venezuela (AN, Parliament), Juan Guaidó, offered in an interview published today in the Folha de Sao Paulo an amnesty for the army that leaves president Nicolás Maduro, and has opted for a transition process similar to the Chilean one.

"We have already offered an amnesty plan for the officers, what can lead to new desertions and abandonments on the basis of government support, "said Guaidó, who was willing to assume the presidency of Venezuela, which, in his view, is" usurped "by Maduro.

The president of the Venezuelan parliament said that "today there are 159 active military prisoners for insubordinationand that in recent times there have been almost 3,000 victims, of people who have gone "because of the economic and social crisis that crosses the country.

"Over there it is possible to see that it is a matter of time for a growing number of them to join us," he added.

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Asked if extending that amnesty to Chavez's politicians, Guaidó indicated that "every case" is different, but that his "idea is that the transition is made as it was done in countries like Chile".

"If this is the cost to recover our democracy, at first, I see no problem in giving amnesties" to Chavez politicians, he said in the newspaper.

He also stressed it The problems that Venezuela has accumulated over the past few years are "many" and in this sense, he indicated that, if they reach the government, "they will need international help and a good political and economic strategy".

"First of all, the priority is the end of the dictatorship and the demand for free elections"he said, and then said that, in the event of a hypothetical electoral victory, they would" urgently "fight the humanitarian crisis, epidemics and lack of food and medicine.

"We will open our borders to international organizations and partners so that they can help us, after which there is a long process to stabilize the country, which means strengthening the institutions, normalizing the relationship between the Powers," he said .

However, he stressed that "for now" he does not look like a future candidate, but as "the head of the National Assembly in a very delicate and hopeful moment, that of returning to democracy".

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On the other hand, he thanked the call of Brazilian federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of President Jair Bolsonaro and his father's great support for international affairs.

"We may feel that the new Brazilian government supports our willingness to make a change in Venezuela, which is within the law, and that is orderly and of which no one can doubt legitimacy," he said.

Jair Bolsonaro, leader of the extreme right in Brazil, met this week in Brasilia with some of the main leaders of opposition to the Maduro government, to whom he promised that his executive will do everything possible to restore democracy ".

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