Grupo Argos proceeds with the issue of bonds on the Colombian stock exchange


The Board of Directors of Grupo Argos has authorized the legal representatives to take the necessary measures to carry out the issue and placement of ordinary bonds on the Colombian Stock Exchange.

This issue will be charged to the Grupo Argos ordinary and commercial paper issuance and placement program for up to $ 200 billion pesos.

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The securities, he said, will be offered to the public on the terms and conditions defined in the prospectus of the Program, in the public offer notice of the bond issue and in the corresponding operating instructions issued by the Colombian Stock Exchange to that effect, including it should be noted that the bonds issued must be paid with other bonds previously issued by the company.

“The foregoing presupposes a replacement of the issuer’s liabilities and, therefore, the part paid in kind will not lead to an increase in the financial leverage of Grupo Argos, beyond the costs and expenses associated with the transaction ”, concludes the communication from the company led by Jorge Mario Velásquez.

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