Growing number of exchanges embrace Bitcoin ABC as "BCH"


Growing number of exchanges embrace Bitcoin ABC as "BCH"

In the wake of the ABC-SV schism in the Bitcoin Cash community, an increasing number of cryptocurrency exchanges decided to cash the coin following the Bitcoin ABC roadmap as the heir to the "BCH" symbol. This development comes after other exchanges have alternately embraced "BAB" and "BSV".

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Between the contagious division, exchanges must act

In the aftermath of the November 15 update, the Bitcoin Cash community saw its currency split into two. The schism occurred along the fracture lines of the different technical tables for BCH.

C & # 39; was the team of Bitcoin ABC, implementers of the most popular BCH implementation to date, which publicly supported the inclusion of the ordering of canonical transactions (CTOR) in their update. On the other side there was Bitcoin SV, a new BCH implementation supported by nChain and Dr. Craig Wright, whose team challenged a switch to CTOR and moved to 128MB blocks.

For Bitcoin ABC or Bitcoin SV, this is the question.

As a result of the so-called hash war, momentum has begun to break the favor of ABC and a rift has occurred. That dynamic has caused operational problems for the exchanges, which have had to understand how they want to approach the division.

Some exchanges choose Bitcoin ABC as "BCH"

There were those, like Bitfinex and Binance, who embraced the schism dispute by going, at least for now, with two new ticker symbols: BAB and BSV.

Others have greeted the ABC Bitcoin chain as "Bitcoin Cash" and BSV as a fork.

This last lot includes popular exchanges like Kraken, Huobi, is Bittrex, all accepted "BCH" as the official symbol of the ABC version of the blockchain.

The verdict is still out, of course. Other exchanges, like Coinbase, have not yet determined how they will deal with the split and are adopting a wait-and-see approach.

And exchanges that have already broken in one way on naming conventions can always break another according to new developments.

For now, though, there seems to be a wave of momentum towards the Bitcoin ABC chain that maintains the BCH ticker symbol. Bitsonline will continue to follow the situation as it develops.

In other Bitcoin Cash news … C & # 39; is bchd

The Bitcoin Cash community may have just dealt with a controversial division, but in other news, it now has another complete implementation of the node to choose from: bchd.

Bchd, currently in beta, is unique to its BCH peer clients as it is an implementation written in the Go programming language. It was derived from a bifurcation at the beginning of this year.

"We waited until after the hardfork to release this beta because we wanted to make sure there were no problems moving into the new consensus rules," said the bchd team.

"We had no problem because the bchd behaved incredibly smoothly through the fork."

What do you think about it? Has the "hash war" been resolved? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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