Great rarity in the sky: the close conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

The last time such a close conjunction occurred in the Middle Ages. Jupier and Saturn resemble a “double planet”.

In a few days, a very rare phenomenon will appear in the sky, which will not repeat itself until 2080 and then in 2400.

Astronomers are preparing for a very rare event. Jupiter and Saturn resemble a “double planet”. Although their conjunction occurs approximately every 20 years, this time they will be closer to each other in the last few centuries. The last time these planets were similarly distant in the Middle Ages was, precisely on March 4, 1226.

It will happen just before Christmas, on December 21st. The gas giant and the Saturn ring will appear incredibly close. You can already observe their mutual approach gradually day after day.

Residents around the equator will have the best opportunity to observe, but it will be possible to observe from all parts of the Earth, of course, under a clear sky. It is best to watch them after dark in the eastern part of the sky. However, the further north the observer is, the shorter he will be able to see them until they fall beyond the horizon.

While in Houston, for example, the sky will be completely dark, the conjunction can only be observed 9 ° above the horizon. About an hour after sunset, it will be possible to observe the inhabitants of Great Britain at 7.5 ° above the horizon, and other inhabitants of a similar latitude (i.e. I in Slovakia) should do so soon after sunset.


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