Government of South Korea to promote Blockchain training as part of the "4th industrial revolution"


  South Korea

The South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT will promote the formation of blockchain technology as part of an effort to prepare young people for what they call the "Fourth Industrial Revolution". Blockchain technology is included in the courses that have recently been announced by the Ministry of Science and ICT.

The Ministry of Science and ICT believes the country is making a global transformation called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, according to its Web site, and focuses on supporting innovation throughout the company by building an environment that promotes autonomous research and promotes growth technologies

Blockchain A Growth

The growth industries of innovation cited by the ministry include blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud, virtual reality, augmented reality, autonomous vehicles and drones .

The ministry announced the development of 40 courses covering these thematic areas. Courses, according to the ministry, will help to improve job opportunities for young people

"Although the problem of youth employment is emerging as a social problem, the problem of job misalignments is serious," said Young -Kyung Won, a software policy manager at the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. The ministry will promote talents that match the visions of a company, he said, thus creating new opportunities for young people looking for work and creating jobs.

The consortium supports youth training

A consortium of corporations, universities, trade associations, industrial / academic organizations are committed to improving the employment opportunities of young people through training, the ministry noted. Consortium organizations include SAP, Unity Technologies, PWC, Oracle, Hancom MDS, KBS, Seoul National University Hospital and Saltlux.

The project plans to recruit trainees in August and will then promote through various media such as the website and educational institutions.

South Korea is currently the third largest cryptocurrency market in Japan and the United States

Shinhan Bank, the second largest South Korean bank, has recently partnered with KT Corp, the world's second largest telecommunications provider. country to develop a blockchain

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