GoSeedIt is Tron's goose gold (TRX)



The Tron community (TRX) has always proved to be one of the most proactive of the crypt-verse. They are the first to notice any development regarding the Tron project and even to wake up in the middle of the night (depending on the time zone) to watch the various Tron Foundation live streams like the launch of the Testnet, Mainnet, Genesis Block and the Tron virtual machine. . The same community has also continued to HODL despite the bear market accelerated by the ESA's postponement to govern Bitcoin's ETF.

It is therefore not surprising that the Community of Tron has self-imposed to disclose its preferred resource and project. The community has started and fully implemented what is now known on Twitter as #OperationTronStorm .

What exactly is #OperationTronStorm?

As mentioned earlier, Operation Tron Storm is a community-led effort to disseminate TRX and its project. The community wants to decentralize the web by raising awareness on TRON through an & # 39; Airdrop Community & # 39; Community members are giving away their unencrypted friends with TRX on Twitter via @ GoSeedIt, to present them to crypto. The community is also spreading celebrities such as Kanye West, Snoop Dog and even The Pope. The second attempt by the community is to further spread TRX among influential individuals.

So how do you use @ GoSeedIt?

GoSeedIt is an easy-to-use payment system built on the Tron coin. It is specific to Twitter and allows any user to quickly register for the tip service or redeem the suggestions that have been given to them. A step-by-step guide is as follows:

  1. Visit GoSeedit.io
  2. Click "Login" to log in with your Twitter account
  3. "Authorize" GoSeedit to use your account
  4. Once you have your wallet ready, you can send a suggestion by replying to a Twitter message as follows: + (amount) @goseedit for example, +20 @goseedit
  5. Un & # 39 Other option is to tip directly using the twitter handle of the user you want to suggest. The format is as follows: @ (user name) + (amount) @goseedit for example, @John +20 @goseedit

So, because @GoSeedIt is the goose & # 39; gold for the Tron project?

Since @GoSeedit was launched around August 16th, the number of new accounts on the Tron currency has increased tremendously as can be seen below in the tweet below.

Further investigation of the numbers on TronScan, we find that August 13th, the number of Tron accounts was 139,312. The number of Tron accounts at the time of this – August 20 – is equal to 230.918. This indicates a percentage increase in new user accounts of 66%. This is a huge increase in new users who will now start transactions and HODLing TRX. This number is destined to increase with time.

Using the fundamental laws of economics, when the demand and the use of an asset increases in the markets, its value will gradually increase. By analyzing TRX in the crypto markets, we find that the digital asset is currently valued at $ 0.022 and down by 0.99% in the last 24 hours. The TRX itself was valued at around $ 0.019 when @ GoSeedit was launched around August 16th. This indicates an increase of 16% over that time period.

It can be argued that there is a slight general market recovery in the crypto-verse, but TRX is once again close to closing the IOTA in the markets without an important pending announcement in the Tron calendar. The difference in market capitalization between the two assets currently stands at $ 13 million at the time of this writing. Maybe in a few days, TRX will be back in the top 10 thanks to GoSeedit.

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Image courtesy of Jason Rowe via Flickr

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