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Google Ex-CEO states that Ethereum has enormous potential

Schmidt is a passionate blockchain enthusiast who spoke about Ethereum (ETH) during a speech given during a live event of the Village Global in September. During the discussion, he stated that Ethereum's potential is "of the cards ".

Schmidt's conversation with the host and the economist Tyler Cowen was not just about cryptocurrency, but also involved corporate governance reform, Google hiring practices and the future of technology. Asked if he thought the blockchain was overvalued or undervalued, Schmidt declared that although he could be overvalued in a public sphere, he was undervalued in terms of technical use.

Schmidt continues to give a hopeful assessment of Ethereum's potential to use blockchain technology:

"If Ethereum can find a way to make the global synchronization of that activity, this is a pretty powerful platform. This is a really new invention".

Schmidt was introduced in the field of cryptocurrency in 2011 by the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange. In a five-hour interview, Assange explained the technical aspects of blockchain and Bitcoin (BTC) to Schmidt. He encouraged Schmidt to invest in Bitcoin, advising him to "Be one of the first to adopt Because your Bitcoins will be worth a lot of money someday. "

This conversation is what has driven Schmidt into the evolution of cryptocurrency. He believes that while many blockchain projects are showing great promise, Ethereum is the most intriguing, with the potential to revolutionize society.

Ethereum is not like Bitcoin. While both operate on blockchain technologyThe main purpose of Ethereum is to focus on the ability to execute the code of any decentralized application, such as the TaTaTu social media platform. Etheric tokens are simply used as fuel for this system.

The price of an Ether token is currently $ 213 USD. Tom Lee, head of Fundstrat's research, said he could see Ethereum reach a value of about $ 1,900 USD in 2019.

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